Chelmsford North East Bypass

Chelmsford North East Bypass


Update 31 January 2018


The mid and north Essex strategic road network has an essential role in supporting our businesses, jobs and future. Much of that network functions effectively, but we require a final strategic link to connect the network across the north of Chelmsford.

In 2007, Essex County Council and its partners laid out a long term plan for a Chelmsford North East bypass and safeguarded the land. Safeguarding is part of the planning process, and helps protect land set aside for infrastructure projects such as this one from being used for other purposes.

In 2008, due to economic challenges and reduced funding for local authorities, the scheme was put on hold. However, the corridor has been safeguarded since then, and the new Local Plan provides an opportunity to update the safeguarded corridor, by making sure there is sufficient space for the scheme and that no land is safeguarded unnecessarily.


2015 / 2016 Review

In 2015, Essex County Council identified additional funding to allow work to be undertaken, including a review and update of the highways design and safeguarded corridor. The work undertaken in 2015 has allowed Essex County Council to identify a more realistic footprint of the scheme and the land required to deliver the preferred route for the Bypass.

The safeguarded corridor will be allocated in Chelmsford City Council’s new Local Plan.


2017 Consultation and feedback

The proposed updates to the safeguarded corridor were therefore presented as part of Chelmsford City Council’s Draft Local Plan – Preferred Options consultation, which ran from March 2017 to May 2017. 

Feedback received during the consultation has resulted in some further revisions to the safeguarded corridor, which are now being presented in the final round of consultation before submission of Chelmsford City Council’s Local Plan. 


Consultation, starting 31 January 2018

This consultation focuses on the compliance of the Local Plan with legal requirements and national policy. It does not re-examine the case for the bypass, the preferred route or junction designs.

The consultation is running for six weeks, from Wednesday 31st January 2018, and is the last opportunity to comment on the proposal for the safeguarded corridor updates before we begin the process of seeking legal powers to safeguard the land.

The proposed safeguarded corridor will generally reflect a 100m boundary, which is wide enough to ensure the bypass can be built, connect to the local road network, and provide land for environmental mitigation. In addition, the proposed safeguarded corridor would update the land required for junctions, structures and other key highway features, such as local road diversions. 

The updated safeguarded corridor is shown on the Policies Map which is part of the consultation.

You can view the consultation documents on the Consultation Portal at: 

You can also find out more, including other ways to respond, at: 


Next steps

At a later date, after the corridor is safeguarded, there will be further engagement and consultation on the Chelmsford North East Bypass as part of the statutory planning process before the scheme is finalised. The scheme will be presented in detail as part of any formal planning application, providing the opportunity for further comments to be made and assessed.