Terms and Conditions

By accessing and viewing the Highways Map, you are required to acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

  • This digital mapping data is representative and informative only and not definitive. Users should not draw conclusions from it or make commitments based on these datasets.
  • The mapping data layers are subject to constant change as data is updated and programmes amended.

Important note regarding accessing the Highway Record information

By accessing this mapping layer, you are required to acknowledge and agree to the following conditions:

  • This digital mapping layer is representative only and is not definitive. Users should not draw conclusions from it or make commitments based on this dataset.
  • This mapping layer is subject to constant change as research is ongoing.
  • The information displayed without borders has not been verified as it has not yet been researched. The information with borders is based on what data we have digitised and remains subject to change, should further information to the contrary come to light. 
  • The highway record layer is best viewed without other layers visible. Selecting the relevant area will show further information.
  • The highway record layer displays information pertaining to publicly maintainable highway, in the meaning of the Highways Act 1980.
  • In respect of historic highway boundaries, this information is given with the proviso that where there is a roadside ditch or pond, that ditch or pond and any land to the rear would not normally form part of the highway. 
  • This mapping layer may not reflect changes which have occurred in respect of new developments or alterations to the landscape.
  • This dataset is intended as a guide only and should not be relied upon for planning purposes or legal decisions and is provided pursuant to the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. It is not a definitive statement from Essex County Council as to the legal position of highway boundaries and measurements should not be scaled from this mapping layer. 
  • The Ordnance Survey provides a base upon which the digitised mapping layer has been plotted and the highway record is plotted in relation to it. New developments may not be shown on this base map. For further information in respect of the Ordnance Survey, please refer to www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Should you require further information in respect of the extent of highway at any location within Essex (excluding the unitary authorities of Southend and Thurrock), please contact Highwayrecords@essexhighways.org in the first instance. Charges for provision of this information may apply. 

Important note regarding the Public Rights of Way digital mapping layer

This is an interactive map of Public Rights of Way and is for general purposes only.  It is not the statutory Definitive Map which is held at County Hall. 

District, borough, town and parish councils must also keep copies for their particular areas. 

The Definitive Map and its associated Map Modification Orders must be referred to in the case of any specific legal query or dispute.  In law the Definitive Map provides conclusive evidence of the existence of any Public Rights of Way shown on it.  This interactive map does not. 

For enquiries pertaining to land transaction related matters or for any legally related enquiries, professional interpretation of the map is required and must be referred to the Definitive Map Office, Essex Highways, County Hall, Chelmsford.

On the Map of Public Rights of Way each path is identified on the map by a code number both for the parish and the path.  For example 'PROW 1035 - 25'.  This code number can be seen by clicking on the path.  If you have any comments about this path, please quote this code when contacting Essex Highways to enable the Public Rights of Way team to deal with your query more easily.

Road safety collision data

This data, known as STATS19, is collected by police at the scene of an accident or may be reported by a member of the public. While not every injury collision is reported to the police, this dataset together with that of other police forces is the most reliable source of information on road casualties.

The information displayed here is based on the statistics gathered by the Police about road traffic collisions which result in injuries. This page contains no information on incidents which result in vehicle damage but no injuries. All personal details of people involved in collisions have been removed from the records displayed here.

The past 5 years of collision data appears on the map.

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