Low Emissions Buses Scheme (LEBS)

Essex County Council submitted a bid in October 2015 from the Office of Low Emissions Vehicle’s Low Emissions Buses Scheme (LEBS) for funding of the Chelmsford Electric Park and Ride project. 

The low emission bus scheme is designed to increase the uptake of low and ultra-low emission buses, speeding up the transition to an ultra-low emission bus fleet in England and Wales, and removing the need for subsidy support. The fund requires bidders to demonstrate how their projects support the improvement of local air quality as well as supporting the office of Low Emissions Vehicles’ commitment to attracting investment in the UK. £30m in funding is available for the purchase of low emission buses (LEB) and the infrastructure to support them between April 2016 and March 2019.

Chelmsford Electric Park and Ride Scheme

Essex County Council is actively investigating opportunities to reduce the emissions and subsidy requirement for the Chelmsford Park and Ride.  Through this £1.2m scheme we will deliver nine new electric buses and associated charging infrastructure to make the Chelmsford Park and Ride the first in the UK to operate with 100% electric vehicles. This scheme will enable ECC to validate the operational and financial viability of operating Electric Buses in real world conditions on demanding multi-dimensional routes.

It is anticipated that through this scheme we will deliver significant reductions in CO2, NOX and PM10 emissions throughout the City of Chelmsford with up to 7 million zero emissions passenger journeys being completed over the lifetime of the scheme.

Please click the link below to view the Challenge Fund Bid Application