Cycling to school

Cycling to school can give you more independence, is often faster than walking (and often faster than being in a car) and allows you to exercise while you travel.

If you are new to cycling, feel a bit nervous or don’t have the confidence or skills to cycle to school you can get some training through the Bikeability scheme.

Every school in Essex is given the opportunity to have cycle training. For more information and/or to book Bikeability lessons in your school or local area contact

Promoting and enabling cycling to school can be a key part of a School Travel Plan, aiming to decrease traffic levels outside schools, for more information contact

Looking after your bike

Cycle maintenance checks should be carried out regularly to ensure your bike is safe. Sustrans provide tips and advice on the M check (11 easy checks for your bike) plus a puncture repair video.

Cycle events

There are lots of organised cycling events which you might want to take part in. For example, Big Pedal, Bike to School week, Cycle to Work day, National Bike Week, World Car Free Day, European Mobility Week etc

Some schools organise events including marking your postcode on your bike, which increases the chance of recovering it if it is lost or stolen. They also organise Bikeability Fix sessions which will check your bike and show you how to maintain it.

Useful links

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