Melissa Brice, Cycle Training Officer

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I have been in my current role since 2015, prior to that I was a Bikeability Instructor since 2009. I’ve done various roles in combination with being a mum: car auctioneer, delivery driver and in a ‘former life’ car accident assessor.

It just happened. I have always loved walking, cycling or being on the water and so far, my life choices have taken me where I need to be. I’ve always been a ‘cyclist’ and I loved the independence it gave me not having to rely on others to get me places. I am now passionate about passing the message to others, so you could say things happen for a reason

I ‘oversee’ around 50 cycle instructors so it would be to influence them to continue to find passion within their role and be the best they can be. Whether that is helping someone learn to ride - adult or child, teaching someone how to plan and ride to work, or simply how to fix their bike. I suppose its knowing that enthusiasm is catching, I always say you can’t ride a bike without a smile on your face.

I’m working with the wider sustainable travel team to engage with companies in our STEN to offer bike maintenance for their staff. To encourage more of their employees to cycle to work we will be teaching them how to maintain and fix minor problems. Lots of people have bikes in their shed or garage with a slight problem but often don’t know how to fix these themselves, so our sessions will show them exactly how to do that! A working bike is more likely to be a travel choice especially on a sunny day! Look out for the email which will be coming your way shortly with all the details.

That’s a tough one. Throughout my life many people have influenced me, and all have given various attitudes, models of behaviour and values. We are all a mixture of external influences, hopefully I have chosen the best from everyone.

I’m quite good at making clothes.

Chair-o-planes at the funfair, those chairs on a chain that you sit in and it goes into the air and swings you round ….argh.

My dad, who is sadly no longer with us.

Teleportation, it would be great to vanish to Cornwall to see my brothers, pop to mums for lunch and then to France to see my cousins.

Lasagne, big fat chips and coleslaw

Washing bottles in a factory, second only to soldering plugs.

Not sure, just see what the next 12 months bring. There are so many exciting projects being rolled out at the moment either through our team or wider partners. Watch this space…