Nick Hill - Sustainable Travel Planning Officer

First published July 2021

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Questions and answers

I started at ECC in late 2014, arriving from doing a similar role at Derby City Council. I’d also done sustainable travel at Somerset County Council before that, so I’m gradually touring the country.

I hope I’m making a difference, because I know how frustrated people get about heavy traffic.

I like being able, in normal times, to get out and about around the county. I see and discover a lot more of Essex than I would in some other roles.

I’m doing a lot on the Active Travel Fund at the moment, which is exciting. In selected parts of Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester and Wickford we want to reimagine how the roads, footpaths and cycleways can be used, and make all trips, to school, work or anywhere else, safer, greener and healthier.

Also, as we get to the end of the academic year, I’m supporting schools to develop their travel plans and get national accreditation. These are all long term projects, aiming reduce the traffic issues every school experiences and get more pupils walking, scooting or cycling to school. There are all sorts of opportunities, whether at schools in big towns or in our many small villages. I’m always happy to advise schools, completely free of charge.

That’s a deep and spiritual question. I suppose I’m partly a reflection of everyone I’ve ever met, to differing degrees. Think of the butterfly effect.

Some people are surprised at how old I am, although that’s happening less frequently these days. Grey hair and wrinkles will be along before I know it.

I’m not wonderful with heights, but drowning would be worse.

Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer, and I’ve never even been fishing.

I’d quite like to be ambidextrous, with my hands and feet, although whether that’s a superpower is up for debate. It’d be helpful for my kickboxing.

I do a sweet potato bake, with coconut cream mixed in and topped with oats, nuts and breadcrumbs.

Probably one of those holiday temp jobs I had as a student, which I’ve tried very hard to erase from my memory. I’ve also done full time jobs which on paper should suit me, but which left me totally uninspired.

Work-wise trying to get more schools accredited for their travel plans. Outside work, I hope to get my black belt at kickboxing in the not too distant future.