Julian Sanchez - Commissioning Delivery Manager

First published January 2021

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Questions and answers

I started working at ECC in October 2015, prior to this I had worked at London Boroughs of Camden & Newham, London Docklands Development Corporation and Transport for London.

Because it has a really important role to play in creating a sustainable environment. In particular I am passionate about creating high quality, inclusive, liveable, and healthy urban environments where people can move around freely, seamlessly and are able enjoy their streets.

The diversity of the work, that is the wider environmental, economic, and social agendas which we can influence; and working with great people who are committed to making a difference.

Delivering the Active Travel Fund Programme –Five schemes across the county which will make it easier to walk and cycle to local high streets, town centres, around neighbourhoods and to schools.

My old boss, David at Royal Mail, prior to this career I worked for Royal Mail he said, he expected me to be there in 20 years, this jolted me into accelerating my study plans to transition to a new career which ultimately led to my first post grad role at Transport for London as a transport planner.

One of my ancestors signed the Bolivian Declaration of Independence from Spain in 1825 (I am half-Bolivian).

Russell Brand, Steve Coogan, Jacinda Ahearn, Mariana Mazzucato, Grayson Perry, Daisy May Cooper and my wife Sophie.

Mexican, Thai & Turkish.

Pot washer in a canteen.

Catching up with friends and family post lockdown/vaccination, including a trip to Madrid to see my uncle and my mates who live there.