Temporary housing signs for development sites

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Purpose of temporary signs directing to a Housing Development

The purpose of temporary signs to manage local traffic flows by directing potential buyers by the most appropriate route to a site they are already actively seeking. It is not the purpose of these signs to provide free advertising on the highway.

They can only be located from the nearest A or B roads and not further afield.

No signage for HGV/delivery vehicles will be approved except in exceptional circumstances. It is assumed that basic directions will have been given to construction traffic and prospective buyers and the signs are therefore to confirm that drivers have reached their destination.

Who issues them and how long they are valid for?

Essex Highways, on behalf of Essex County Council.

The consent is only for 6 months or until 80% of the properties have been sold. Extensions applications should be applied for 3 weeks before the end of the 6 month period.

What is required?

Complete the application form, including

  1. Street plan showing the locations of the signs and site, the signs should be clearly marked with the correct symbol, and a directional arrow with the name of the development, a snap shot from google of what the signs will be located on
  2. A schedule, (please see documents section below) stating: 
    1. number of sign (which must correspond with number on street plan)
    2. what is the sign being placed on, (1) Lamp Column give number, (2) ADS Sign post, (3) other street furniture or (4) free standing

Please note: Signs are only to be erected by a contractor or organisation which has public liability insurance of £10 million to carry out works within the public highway and the staff engaged have the appropriate accreditation qualification to work on the public highway to undertake the work.

Application form explanations

The term ‘applicant’ is the company applying for the temporary housing signs to be placed on the public highway.

The applicant will be responsible for the maintenance/replacement/erection/removal of the agreed signage.

We will not be held liable for signs which are removed or for signs which are damaged during routine maintenance or by third parties.


Each application for temporary housing signs has a fee of £445.10

Steps involved

  1. Complete application form and upload schedule, street plan and make payment for the application fee
  2. If further information is required in order for the application form to be processed you will be contacted, if not, you will be advised when completed
  3. After locations have been agreed, plans will be sent through to the Development Management Inspection team to monitor

How long does it take?

It can take up to 15 working days to review the application, obtain additional information if required and respond.

Please note: No signs to be placed on the public highway until consent from the Highway Authority has been given.


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