Development Management Road Opening Notice

Development Management sits outside the Essex Permit Scheme and therefore road space needs to be booked using the Development Management Road Opening Notice Form. If you have any works being carried out on a new development under a Section 38, Section 278 or a Works Permit using the Highways Act 1980 then you will need to process your scheme with the Project Engineer/Technician allocated to you from the Development Management Team but at some point the person undertaking the works will need to apply for your Road Opening Notice under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991.

Please contact the Development Management team if you have not already done so or have any queries.

How to process a Road Opening Notice

The following information is mandatory for this process

1. What are the works you plan to carry out and how long are they expected to take? Please see the table below for timescales and notice periods required:

Duration of work

Notice name

Notice Period

3 days Minor Notice 3 days
up to 10 days Standard Notice 10 days
11 days or more Major Notice 3 months

2. Have all the appropriate information/documents/drawings been submitted to a Development Management Project Engineer?  (Traffic Management Plan, Confirmation of a £10 million Public Liability Insurance, NRSWA Supervisor and Operatives Streetworks cards.)