Madison Hurrell, Comms and Marketing Intern

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Questions and answers

I began my current role near the end of June this year. Before this, I had worked in a vast range of sectors such as education, car sales and retail, but my most recent job was at Giggling Squid as a Hostess.

I have always said the thing I am most passionate about when it comes to my work is making a difference. I knew a role in sustainable travel meant I could be part of helping people in the area to make positive changes that benefit themselves and the world around them.

I also recently finished my uni dissertation on the topic of sustainability, so a lot of information felt relevant to this job and fresh in my mind.

Every day so far is different which I love, there’s always a new challenge and something really interesting for me to put my time into. The people I work with are also super supportive and lovely, and you can see how passionate everyone is about what they do.

I’ve got lots of things I am currently working on, mainly looking at brainstorming for our upcoming Summer campaign, researching into what exciting events related to sustainable travel are happening in Essex in the coming months, and focusing a lot on our social media channels making sure we are engaging with our audience and keeping them in the loop.

My main influence and inspiration for starting my journey in this line of work would have to be my auntie. Working as the Head of Communications for her department in the NHS, she said she could see me pursuing a similar career in Comms and Marketing, and has been the one person I’m always texting to update on all the exciting things I’m working on in my job and studies.

I used to be a delivery driver for Tesco. I was the only young girl on the drivers department at the time and some people seem to struggle to imagine me driving one of the big vans!

Sounds morbid but understandable…. Death.

Lewis Capaldi, Alison Hammond and Mary Berry. Slightly random mix.

Teleportation, definitely.

I’d have to say a curry! Lamb pasanda with a nice garlic naan to be specific.

I don’t think any of the jobs I’ve done have been the ‘worst’, but they all definitely came with some difficult challenges and bad days. But that’s what helps you grow and I look all of it as valuable experience.

After my internship with ECC, I’m heading back to uni for my final trimester and looking forward to graduation in December. After that, it’ll be onto the search for my next step in my Comms and Marketing career.

On a more personal level, I’ve got lots of exciting things coming up. I’m expecting my new niece/nephew to arrive at the end of July, have some festivals and events coming up over the next few months and am off on holiday to the south of France in September!