Apply for a Road Opening Notice (book road space)

Do I need a licence to work or open the public highway?

A private company wishing to work or open the public highway for any reason, must have a road opening notice in place from Essex Highways, on behalf of Essex County Council. Anyone excavating or working on the highway must have accreditation for the work they are carrying out.

Once an application is submitted you can view your notice at

What are the terms and conditions?

Before submitting your application form, please read the terms and conditions enclosed with the application form below.

How do I apply for a road opening notice?

Please complete the application below and return it to

The application notice period depends on the duration of the works, as details below:

Duration of work

Notice name

Notice Period

3 days Minor Notice 3 days
up to 10 days Standard Notice 10 days
11 days or more Major Notice 3 months

Please complete the application form at the bottom of the page and submit to

If you require a Temporary Road Closure or Portable Traffic Lights, we will require that you submit the relevant TTRO application a minimum of 12 weeks in advance for road closures and minimum of 10 working days for Portable Traffic Lights. Please also reference this on your application.

How much does the road opening notice cost?

There is a fee of £ for works with excavation; this includes inspection fees.

  • Inspection charges – Three stages of inspection at £ = £
  • If a defect is found at stages 2 or 3, each additional inspection carried out to check a satisfactory repair will be charged at £. The guarantee period will re-commence from the date of the satisfactory completion of the defect
  • The charge will be waivered if no opening of the highway has taken place. This will be classified as “non street works activity”.

Cheques should be made out to Essex County Council and sent to:

Essex County Council
Childerditch Depot Unit 36
Childerditch Industrial Estate
CM13 3H

What documentation and information is required?

All applications must be accompanied by the following:

  • Public liability insurance details for a minimum value of £10 million
  • NRSWA accreditation for supervisor
  • NRSWA accreditation for operative.