Highway status enquiries

What information is available?

Confirmation of highway adoption, highway boundary plans and nearby road scheme proposals.

Information relating to land ownership is held by the Land Registry.

For copies of legal agreements only please contact the Land Charges and Searches Team - Highway.Status@essexhighways.org

Who can request information?

Anyone can request information, for example members of the public interested in the status of the road where they live or solicitors/personal search companies who require information on the highway (over and above their land charge search carried out by the District/Borough Council).

How much does it cost?

You can review Public Right of Way information, highway boundary, lighting and a list of roads maintained at public expense (adopted roads) for free online.

Click on the following links for more information:

Who is responsible for my road? - Adopted roads

Public rights of way - Register of Public Path Diversions, Extinguishments & Creations and the PRoW Interactive Map

Highway Records - Landowner Deposits and Notices of landowner statements

Please use the Highways Information Map for highway boundary, bus stops and more (use the tool bar to the side to select the required option)

If you require a written response, the cost depends on the size of the individual area in question:

Area Excluding VAT Including VAT at 20%
up to 200m
201m to 500m
501m to 1000m
1001 to 2500m
2501m and over*
£ per hour
£ per hour

*will be looked at on a case by case basis to assess how much time will be required.

How do I request information?

Request a written response on an area up to 2500m online

Request a written response on an area 2501m & over by email