Hilary Wicks, Cycle Training Manager

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I have been the cycle training manager for about 7 years, and the team have recently moved over from Ringway Jacobs to the Sustainable transport Team in Essex County Council. Before then I was a stay-at-home mum for 17 years and had an early career as a customer service manager for a bank.

I am new to the team, but my family have always been active, and we had many holidays based round mountain biking, so cycling was a big part of our family life. I would always walk the children to school, so in my own way I have been aware of choosing a sustainable way to travel. It is now great to be part of the team and to learn what more we can offer to the people of Essex.

This job has changed over the years, when I first started, we were only delivering to a limited number of schools. We are now able to offer the service county wide and include adult cycle training to those who are lacking in confidence or have never ridden a bike before. We are also involved in inclusive cycling projects such as Essex Pedal Power which is exciting and also progressing into other parts of the county. .

I am currently working on the Essex Pedal Power project which provides free bikes to residents in the county’s most disadvantaged communities, to significantly increase cycling, active travel, and physical activity levels. We have also started to plan for Ride London which is in May, working with some of the local councils to deliver activation events in support of the main activity. This is a huge occasion for people to come together and celebrate cycling, and I would encourage as many people to get involved as possible.

There have been many influences in my life, so it is hard to say one person, however my Nan was a very strong, independent, and fair women, who had many challenges in her life, but she always gave love and laughter, so I aspire to follow her lead.

Great at mixing up cement in a mixer.

I hate going downhill fast on a bike, slow and steady wins the race.

Getting to know the team even more and to be involved with exciting new projects. I have also started the Leading Greater Essex (LGE) 2023 programme, which aims to build system wide approaches across Essex by developing my skills and networks to enable me to work across organisational boundaries to meet the challenges public leaders face today.