Holly Bunting, Sustainable Travel Planning Officer

First published November 2021

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Questions and answers

I started my current role at ECC exactly two years ago now. Prior to that I worked at London Borough of Southwark Council in Sustainable Travel.

I wanted to work in a sector that could really make a difference to the climate emergency we’re facing. I also had a fantastic lecturer at university who really brought sustainable transport to life for me.

I work with lots of smart, interesting, and genuinely lovely people that make coming to work (virtually and in person!) a pleasure. I learn a lot from them every day and I enjoy being challenged.

A large part of my job involves working with housing developers on new residential developments to implement and monitor travel plans. Currently, I’m also working with members of STEN to reach the December accreditation window (you can read more about this below). Don’t forget you can find lots of inspiration around active and sustainable travel by following our LinkedIn page.

I’ve been lucky enough to have lots of people who’ve had a positive impact on the person I am today. But up there would have to be my family who made me the strong, independent person I am today. They taught me the importance of standing up for what I believe in and never blindly accepting the things you’re told and doing this all with kindness.

I can solve a Rubik’s cube in under a minute – I’m working to get faster!

Losing those that I love.

Florence Given, Tom Hardy, James Acaster, Richard Ayoade and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Mind control – but I’d use it for good, obviously…

Chinese takeaway – all day every day!

I once did a trial waitressing shift at a café whilst I was at university (they knew I was a student) – they were really rude the whole time I was there and didn’t show me anything. A couple of days after the trial they texted me to ask if I could work a shift, I said no because I had lectures that day and they replied saying “don’t bother ever coming back” – safe to say I wasn’t upset about it!

At work I love getting involved with everything Christmas so I’m in the middle of organising lots of festivities! Personally, I’ve just moved so finishing off the furnishing and making it feel more like home.