Multi District Schemes

Schemes that are being carried out or developed that are across district boundaries.

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Two sections of the old A12 which remain would be detrunked (transferred from national highways authority to local authority responsibility) and handed over to Essex County Council, largely in their current form. Here we layout our proposed alternatives.
National Highways are carrying out works to widen the A12 between Chelmsford and Marks Tey, please visit their webpages for more information
Linking the A120 and A133 with a new road will unlock land to provide housing and business space, improving connectivity locally and within the wider region.
The A127 / A130 Fairglen Interchange is a crucial link in our region’s road network for South Essex and is of vital importance to our sustained economic growth. The Interchange has served us well for many years but has reached its capacity and is in need of significant improvement.
The A127 economic growth corridor is a vital artery linking an international airport and a number of major businesses into the rest of the country and the rest of the world.
Remedial works on the A13/A130 Sadlers Farm are being undertaken by Balfour Beatty, please select this tile to visit their website to find out more.

We believe the A120 is not fit for purpose and is long overdue an upgrade. We are not alone either, as more than four out of five people who responded to our 2017 consultation agreed.