Tara Said - Active Travel Assistant

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I started the role in May of this year and was previously part of Essex County Councils Corporate Strategy team.

Hearing about the growing issues of climate change as a young child/teenager and then learning about it more during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, I understand the importance of looking towards sustainable choices like active travel. I wanted to help be part of the movement to counter climate change, and the role has allowed me to explore this at a county level, being able to see the various different processes needed to ensure safe and long-term sustainable travel.

Being able to work on different tasks both small and large scales, supporting others, and work towards helping the residents of Essex. I find all of these really rewarding, and especially enjoy the learning opportunities available to improve my skills and help better our team.

I am currently working on three big projects, completing my data course, Healthy School Streets and our Liveable Neighbourhoods guidance document. I am really excited to see where the Liveable Neighbourhoods project goes and the great things we’ll hopefully be able to achieve for residents. I’m also busy keeping our literature repository up to date with knowledge, as well as focussing my efforts on improving some of my softer skills

Not a person, but women in general. Being able to see women lead and take on tasks to help better the world are people who have influenced me. I hope one day I can be like them too.

I am more introverted than people think.

A ride operator at a theme park.

Lots of exciting projects to look forward to in the new year and I welcome any opportunities that will be coming my way!