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Section 58 restrictions

Section 58 restriction is a restriction under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 that prevents utility companies digging up the road for a pre-determined period once substantial roadworks, carried out by the highway authority, have been completed.

Utility companies are notified at least 3 months in advance of these works to give them time to complete any necessary works prior to the substantial roadworks taking place. During the course of the restriction works can only be undertaken with the Authority’s permission and in certain circumstances.

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Our current Section 58 notices

Various Roads - Machine, Micro Surfacing and Surface Dressing

Three months advance notice is hereby given that Essex Highways intend to carry out the following substantial works for road purposes.

USRNRoad Name AreaLocationDescriptionStart Date
3900824Goldingham Drive BraintreeFrom Junc Milton Avenue to o/s Community CentreMachine Surfacing04/04/2022
8901632Severalls Lane ColchesterFrom Severalls Lane Caravan Park to Junc Severalls Lane LanghamMachine Surfacing08/04/2022
8901631Severalls Lane BoxtedWhole USRN From Junc Severalls Lane Colchester to Junc Langham Road BoxtedMachine Surfacing08/04/2022
3901120Lakes Road BraintreeWhole USRN From Junc Manor Street to Junc Chapel HillMachine Surfacing12/04/2022
3900359Chapel Hill HalsteadWhole USRN From Junc Trinity Street to Junc Beridge RoadMachine Surfacing14/04/2022
3900588Cypress Road WithamWhole USRN From Junc Braintree Road to Junc Forest RoadMachine Surfacing20/04/2022
39900877High Street Walton-on-the-NazeFrom Junc Portobello Road to Junc Princes EsplanadeMachine Surfacing26/04/2022
39900798Hall Lane Walton-on-the-NazeFrom o/s Gothic Cottage to Junc Princes EsplanadeMachine Surfacing28/04/2022
39901469Princes Esplanade Walton-on-the-NazeWhole USRN from Junc Hall Lane to Junc The ParadeMachine Surfacing28/04/2022
39901380The Parade Walton-on-the-NazeFrom Junc Princes Esplanade to o/s The DorlingsMachine Surfacing28/04/2022
6300687Oxford Road Canvey IslandWhole USRN from Junc High Street to end of Highway BoundaryMachine Surfacing01/04/2022
6300730Rainbow Road CanveyWhole USRN from Junc Larup Avenue to Junc Mitchells AvenueMachine Surfacing05/04/2022
6300160Chamberlain Avenue CanveyWhole USRN from Junc Rainbow Road to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing05/04/2022
6300607May Avenue Canvey IslandFrom Junc High Street to Junc Hilbery RoadMachine Surfacing06/04/2022
24300806Spital Road MaldonFrom o/s No 91 to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing08/04/2022
6300897Surig Road CanveyFrom Junc Urmond Road to Junc Daarle AvenueMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6300905Sydervelt Road CanveyWhole USRN from Junc Thisselt Road to Junc Long RoadMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6300238Daarle Avenue CanveyWhole USRN from Junc Tilburg Road to Junc Borrett AvenueMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6300594Maple Way CanveyFrom Junc Link Road to Junc Almond WalkMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
6301170Kents Hill Road South Benfleet From surf joint Nth of Bowers Road to Sth of mini RAB @ Junc AlmereMachine Surfacing19/04/2022
4200409Ingrave Road BrentwoodFrom Junc A1023 to o/s No 79Machine Surfacing22/04/2022
4200648Queens Road BrentwoodFrom Junc Ingrave Road to o/s No 91Machine Surfacing22/04/2022
4200524Middleton Hall Lane BrentwoodFrom Junc Ingrave Road to Junc Priests LaneMachine Surfacing22/04/2022
4200706Seven Arches Road BrentwoodFrom Junc Ingrave Road to Junc The ChaseMachine Surfacing22/04/2022
13801700Lee Grove Chigwell Whole USRN from Junc Chigwell Rise to end of Highway BoundaryMachine Surfacing04/04/2022
41400510Gibson Way Saffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Abbey Lane to Junc Gibson GardensMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
41400509Gibson Gardens Saffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Gibson Way to end of Highway BoundaryMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
41400508Gibson Close Daffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Gibson Way to Junc Gibson WauMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
41400786Margaret Way Saffron WaldenWhole USRN from Junc Gibson Way to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing07/04/2022
13801751Turpins Lane ChigwellFrom j/w A113 to o/s No 105Machine Surfacing08/04/2022
13801670Fontayne Avenue ChigwellFrom Junc Lechmere Avenue to o/s No 38Machine Surfacing14/04/2022
2001250Swan Lane WickfordWhole USRN from Junc Church End Lane to Junc The BroadwayMachine Surfacing20/04/2022
USRNRoad Name AreaLocationDescriptionStart Date