Local Highway Panels Member Requests

Scheme Requests from Members of the Panel

Only those requests that are supported by a County Member on the LHP will be validated and presented to the LHP.

Complete the form with as much information as possible. It is important to clarify the problem so that the highways engineers can develop the most appropriate solutions.  

Each request will be validated by an engineer to ascertain if there are any appropriate engineering solutions that can be implemented.

Each LHP will undertake an annual prioritisation of all validated requests.

The prioritisation will take into account the total budget for the area, the initial estimated scheme cost and the benefit to the local community. Not all schemes are feasible or affordable within the annual LHP budget. 

Once a scheme has been validated it will be reviewed by the panel and if suitable will be recommended on the annual prioritised scheme list.

Once a scheme has been approved by the Cabinet Member then the feasibility design phase can commence.  

The life cycle of a scheme