Transport planning

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Good transport links enable people to access jobs, education, health and other essential services and are also necessary for business to function by providing access to employees, suppliers and customers.

Transport planning is how we ensure that the future transport needs of Essex will be accommodated. Transport planners work with planning authorities, ensuring that all development is sustainable and that opportunities to utilise credible alternatives to private cars and road-borne freight are maximised.

We are responsible for ensuring that the county council’s transport policies and proposals are implemented at a local level, and that Essex County Council’s approach is consistent with that of neighbouring authorities and national policy.

We are responsible for the Essex Local Transport Plan. This guides investment in transport improvements and highway maintenance across Essex, prioritising the schemes that have the greatest benefit to the economy of Essex, improve road safety, ensure that journey times are reliable and predictable, provide choice between different forms of transport, and reduce emissions of CO2 and other pollutants.

We are also responsible for delivering a number of major transport improvements on roads across the county. Details of current and forthcoming schemes are publicised here as well as locally.

All consultations related to major transport improvements and other transport planning issues are managed through Essex Consultations.

Highway Schemes

Information about current and future major transport improvements across the county.

Local Transport Plan

The Essex County Council plan for improving the transport network for the whole of the county.