Mary Graham - Brand Communications Manager

First published May 2021

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Questions and answers

In late November – I’m the interim manager for the Safer Greener Healthier campaign. My role is part-time and for the rest of the working week, I work for a brand communications agency.

I’m really into behaviour change plus I’m a fan of cycling and walking so it was the dream combo.

I really believe that the team are genuinely committed to sustainable travel – I love working with people who feel that they’re making a difference.

The Active Travel Fund consultation (never one to miss an opportunity, please visit the ATF webpage for more information)

An amazing chap called Monty Meth, an ex-Fleet street industrial editor who I worked for when I first entered the world of comms and media relations. He was an absolute legend – taught me that if your great aunt on the Old Kent Road didn’t understand what you had written, you had to rewrite it. He died a few months ago at the grand old age of 96 and was still politically active when he died. I miss him.

I randomly chose Swedish as a language to learn at uni. I then lived in Stockholm back in the late 80s/early 90s. Their cycle lanes were amazing even then – so many things we could learn from the Scandis.

I wouldn’t call it a fear as such - I just want my sons to be happy and have enough resilience to survive this crazy world.

Michelle Obama, film review podcasters Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, Jacinda Ardern and Danny Boyle.

To run really fast. I’m a runner but have found myself getting slower and slower which is depressing and I imagine all to do with my bones getting older and creakier….

Anything Ottelenghi.

Being elbow-deep in greasy washing-up water – but it was on a camp site in the south of France so there were good bits to the job

I don’t think too much about the future to be honest. Hopefully enjoying a return to some sort of normality and spending summer evenings in the local pub with friends …