Charlotte Brooks, Active Travel Engagement Officer

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Questions and answers

I started my current role in December 2023. Previously, I had worked at a consultancy called Stantec as a Transport Planner and Modeller.

I enjoyed the concept of working in transport but found it really car centric. Moving to this role at ECC has made me feel like my work is more purposeful and community focused, where you can make a difference to the area you live in.

I love working with the local communities and sharing the benefits of active travel, whilst working with an amazing team! I have also enjoyed being able to participate in a lot of the learning opportunities.

I am working on a few schemes including Healthy School Streets, Liveable Neighbourhoods and the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. In addition, I’m using Engagement HQ (our soon to be launched engagement platform) as a point of contact between the communities and the Sustainable Transport Team, making it easier to share views and information.

It sounds cliché, but my parents! When you are young you seem to think everyone knows what they are doing, but in fact everyone is learning and growing as they go along – it is very reassuring. I think they have been great role models!

I enjoy competing in running events and triathlons at all levels and distances. I most recently qualified for the Inter-Counties Cross Country Championship for Essex, so get to compete against the countries best XC runners.

Being able to freeze time or teleport.

A cheese board / Charcuterie board.

I have been really lucky with my jobs and enjoyed them all.

Workwise there a lot of engagement events planned and, in the pipeline, which I am keen to get involved in! Outside work I enjoy competing in triathlons and always have a big event to train for.