Drainage and flooding

Clearing the drains

Whilst we are cleaning the drains we also capture data which will enable us to clean them in a more efficient manner in the future. This will take into account the drain's location; if it is an area that is prone to flooding and how much debris was removed. This will make sure we programme our services in the most efficient manner. To report a problem with gullies or drains in your area, please Tell us online.


Essex Highways only deals with surface water drainage on the roads and pavements it is responsible for on the publicly maintainable highway.

The flooding of rivers, streams and coastal areas is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. For flood warnings in Essex please visit the Flood Warnings Information Service

Some drainage outlets are also the responsibility of the appropriate water company.

Private land owners are responsible for the drainage from their land and have a duty to ensure drainage ditches on their land are kept clear to ensure roads and pavements do not become flooded.

Road problems or flooding issues can be reported online using our Tell us tool.

Residents can check the latest traffic updates on where roads might be closed by flooding by listening to local radio, or by following @Essex_Travel on Twitter.

  • Please visit the Flood and Water Management page to find out more about how Essex County Council can help with:
    • Finding out if your property is at risk from flooding
    • Property Level (flood) Protection grants
    • Sustainable drainage schemes
    • Maintaining or changing a watercourse
  • The Flood and Water Management team have produced an informative video which explains the cause and effect of local flooding in an interesting and factual way.

Sometimes a flooding problem is complex and needs a solution that requires a thorough investigation.