Local transport plan 

The Local Transport Plan is our approach for transport in Essex. It sets out our aspirations for improving travel in the county, demonstrating the importance of meeting these aspirations to achieving sustainable long-term economic growth in Essex and enriching the lives of our residents.

These documents represent the third iteration of the Council’s Local Transport Plan for Essex. It follows the highly successful ‘Essex Local Transport Plan 2006-2011: Now we’re moving’ which supported significant investment in transport in Essex and enabled considerable improvement to the operation, safety and accessibility of our local transport network.

This third Local Transport Plan is wider in scope than previous plans, providing a framework for the effective and efficient delivery of all transport services provided by or on behalf of the Council. It will inform and guide our work with other organisations and local communities across Essex, ensuring that transport services are delivered in ways which effectively respond to local needs and offer good value for money to local taxpayers.

The Essex Transport Strategy: the Local Transport Plan for Essex has been developed following an extensive period of consultation and evidence gathering and was published in June 2011. A copy of this document is available below.

The publication of the plan will not be the end of the process; we will continue to monitor and report on the delivery of the local transport plan. Each of the five outcomes will be monitored by a suite of performance indicators that will together give a broad measure of the effectiveness of our plan allowing Essex residents to assess the performance of the local transport plan and compare Essex against similar authorities elsewhere in England. It will require us to continue to work together with transport operators, borough and district councils and our wider partners.