Track it

If you've told us about something you can check for updates on Track it - or if you want to see if we already know about something then you can use Track it to check.

Please note that street lighting related enquiries cannot be found on our track it map or by using a reference number. However, street lighting defects can be viewed on the map by finding the relevant location. 

Use the multifunctional search box in the map to look up your location, an address or postcode, enquiry or defect number. You can also use a what3words address, by selecting that option in the multifunctional search box. You can limit your search by choosing a search option from the dropdown menu. You can also just zoom in on the map to a location.

Once you have found the area on the map you will see different icons on the map, you can use the key button in the map  to help you identify what icons relate to different issues.

Please Tell us online about about a new maintenance issue.

See more information about how we prioritise highway issues.

Our interactive map is not accessible for keyboard users or screen readers, if you require assistance or information in a different format please see our accessibilty statement.

Please be aware that it may take up to 1 hour for newly reported issues or updates to appear on our map.

Open enquiries

The table shows (when zoomed in) open enquiries within the map area, if you wish to receive notifications about an open enquiry, please select the appropriate button.

Reference Location Issue Last updated Last updated 2 Last routine inspection Action
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