The Development Management Legal Agreement Portal

The portal contains all of the legal agreements that are completed for Section 278 and Section 38 of the Highways Act in relation to development works within Essex County. There is in addition Works Licences for S278 and Minor Works Authorisations as well as Section 220 notices for Advance Payment Codes.

Furthermore, all certificates for various stages of development/delivery completion are included and linked to the applicable legal agreement.

The map feature allows searches either by location, or the search function allows searches by Legal Agreement Reference, DM reference or by Development Name. Copies of the required documents are downloadable.

Should you require any assistance or wish to provide feedback on the portal please contact

Search Results

Documents relating to your map search area will appear in the table below. Click on the row or rows with the relevant documents that you want to download, these will then be highlighted. Once you have selected all the relevant documents, select download. A zip folder will automatically download with the selected documents. 

Dev Name DM Ref Doc Category ELS Reference