Katie Pudney, Electric Vehicle and Charging Lead

First published November 2021

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Questions and answers

I joined ECC in January 2017 from the London Borough of Enfield Council and Hertfordshire County Council before that.

I began my career in Transport Planning for a private consultancy but quickly discovered that my interests matched my academic background in environmental management, and policy was where I focused my efforts. From there I moved in to my first Transport Policy role at Hertfordshire County Council, where I helped to write their third Local Transport Plan and associated transport strategies. I have always held a passion for environmental issues, and transport is a major contributing factor towards two of the most fundamental environmental challenges we’re facing in the 21st century and which I am particularly passionate about tackling: climate change and air pollution.

No two days are the same. It’s so varied and the projects you get involved with are so different, but always exciting. It also helps that I have an amazingly supportive and encouraging team who share the same passion for sustainable travel and making a difference.

My biggest project right now is my involvement in the Army and Navy Sustainable Transport project, which is looking at a long-term sustainable solution for one of they key gateways to and from Chelmsford City Centre.

To support the project and objectives of Chelmsford’s Future Transport Network Strategy, a city-wide package of sustainable measures is also being developed in combination with the preferred option, including a third Park and Ride site, forming a vital part of the project.

This is a tough question to answer – I genuinely have been lucky enough to work with some amazingly talented, passionate, supportive, and encouraging people during my career. But I would say my parents have influenced me the most in terms of my career aspirations, and my motivation. They are the reason I want to work hard and to be the best person I can be, because they worked hard to give me the life and education I have today.

Myself and my husband are a part of 2% of couples globally who are both left-handed. However, even with two left-handed parents, their children only have a 26% chance of being left-handed. We have one right-handed and one left-handed child (not sure how surprising this is though).

My children being unhappy.

Chris Hemsworth – no explanation required

As a mum to two young children with social lives better than myself, two big dogs, a career, a house to look after, a passion for running and a four-year degree to complete, –so I’d say my “super-power” would have to be organised chaos!

Being from Birmingham, I love a good Balti! Haven’t managed to find one as authentic as I am used to in Chelmsford or Essex, so if anyone has any idea’s please pass them my way!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad job but working in retail while I was at university made me experience first-hand how short-sighted and stereotypical people can be. Your job does not define you and it served as a reminder that no matter who you are talking to, always be kind, because you have no idea about the person you are addressing.

I am about to begin my second year of my apprenticeship degree in Management at ARU. Believe me when I say I am well out of my comfort zone and it is challenging me beyond anything I have ever tackled. But I am a motivated person, who strongly believes in being able to be a good mum, and have a career., I want to keep progressing and learn more about and become more involved in projects which tackle climate change and air pollution, using my degree knowledge and career experience in helping the County Council to make a difference and achieve their objectives in these areas.