Kris Radley, Cycling Strategy Lead

First published March 2022

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Questions and answers

I started as the Essex Cycling Strategy leader in 2016 having worked as the Essex/Suffolk and Norfolk Network Development Manager for Sustrans. With experience from a variety of roles across all sectors before that including product designer, community sports leader, banana humper, CAD technician, annuities broker and foster carer, you will see I’ve always been prepared to do new things….to un-learn and re-learn.

If I’m honest it was a happy accident. I now have over 15 years of experience working in the sustainable transport industry.

Believing that the work I do improves the health and well-being of individuals, reduces the number of cars on the road and will ultimately help address the climate crisis.

RideLondon-Essex is a big focus at the moment, in particular working with a number of local, regional and national partners developing county wide activation plan to encourage active and sustainable travel habits. Being such a major event we hope to inspire cycling activity through participation, provide pathways for new and lapsed cyclists to cycle and improve physical and mental wellbeing. Check out the RideLondon-Essex website for more information.

Lots of people assume I’m just a bike nut/MAMIL…..however that’s not the case. While I love to cycle for day to day journeys, I like to keep things interesting outside of work. Whether it's re-discovering surfing, MMA training, rowing in an 8-man scull or teaching my daughter to hit a Wiffle ball I’m always looking for a new challenge.

Answering questions about myself.

Zoe Laughlin, Kelly Slater, Lewis Hamilton, Bob Mortimer and Barrack Obama.

A photographic memory…can’t remember why, something to do with goldfish.

A cargo bike revolution… focussing on how cargo/e-cargo bikes and other last mile delivery services can support the Essex economy and help achieve carbon commission objectives. Essex will be hosting an event in May to launch a new report which raises the profile of cargo bikes, the role they have to play and how they can support the economy in its transition to low carbon.