Danielle MacDonald, Electric Vehicle Strategy Support Officer

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Questions and answers

I started at ECC in September 2023, prior to that I have had a few different roles to enable me to be present for my children, such as working in retail. I spent 3 years working as a self-employed childminder, which requires excellent organisational skills! Prior to that I worked at the Chelmer Housing Partnership as a repairs co-ordinator which involved managing the diaries for the tradesmen ensuring that they got to the correct job on time and being the first point of contact for residents.

I am passionate about contributing to making our environment sustainable so being able to be involved in a team working towards installing infrastructure to encourage the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is a very exciting and interesting opportunity.

The flexibility and how interesting and varied the work is - no two days are the same! Also, the support I have from the rest of my team particularly Katie Pudney, has made starting this role a very positive experience.

I am supporting the team on several projects at the moment including building a business case for across pavement charging solutions by using several detailed mapping tools to identify areas where EV infrastructure is most needed. This will help inform our decision making when we move forward with our Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure funding (LEVI).

Well, that’s two people actually, my children Liam and Emily inspire me to never give up and have made me a better person.

I met my husband in 2009 on a girl’s holiday in Malia, we married in 2015 in Mexico and he also works for Essex County Council in the sustainable transport team.

Not succeeding in the things I want to achieve.

My late nan and grandad, and anyone who has achieved in adversity, such as Katie Piper, Ashley Cain, anyone who has written self help books following mental health struggles. That sounds like a very interesting party!

Mental strength, being there for those people in their dark days when they need someone to support them.

There is a lot, I love food! But probably sushi.

The most challenging job I have had was as a Childminder, trying to juggle home life and housework was difficult!

Hopefully continuing at Essex County Council and building a career here!