Track the gritters

The salting routes are shown as a blue line on the map. You can also see our fleet of vehicles in their current location as they travel around the county on the map below.

We have 49 routes this year covered by 55 machines with ploughs. We also have 2 mini gritter routes covered by 2 mini gritters to treat weak bridges and roads. 

Local schoolchildren helped to name a number of our gritters. Keep an eye out for Grit Monster, Alexander the Grit, Gritney Spears, Mrs Good Grit, Big G, Levi, Ice Buster, Ice Exterminator, Rory and Gustav.

In 2018 the Essex Youth Assembly named addtional gritters and Ice Caramba, The Only Way is Gritty, Gritting Queen, Gritty, Gritty Bang Bang, Gritendor, Frosty, Andy Flurry, Grit Notley, Gritty McGrit Face and Gritty Gordon were added to the named fleet. 

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Track the gritters map