Safer, Greener, Healthier Businesses

The Smarter Travel for Essex Network (STEN) helps businesses with over 50+ employees prepare and implement effective travel plans to promote and encourage active and sustainable travel.

  • Why STEN?

    • Increase travel choices to your site
    • Reduce the cost of and demand for parking
    • Attract and retain employees
    • Reduce on-site congestion, air, and noise pollution
    • Improve visitor/delivery access
    • A healthier, happier, and more productive workforce
    • Corporate Social Responsibility.

Members of STEN will receive:

A dedicated support line offering unlimited support, advice and guidance via phone and email.

A bi-monthly e-newsletter (Way to Go!) providing information on new travel initiatives/campaigns, active travel related suggestions and activities as well as examples of best practice.

Access to the Annual Travel to Work survey. Data collected will allow members to see which travel incentives they should consider, based on the popularity of travel methods used by employees.  

National Accreditation. Members will be eligible to apply for national travel plan accreditation, facilitated by Modeshift STARS -   an online travel planning tool kit, that creates, develops, and supports travel plans.

A range of bespoke marketing materials for two targeted campaigns each year to promote different travel modes and help with achieving travel plan goals.

How do I join?

Email the if you would like to become a member or find out more on our LinkedIn page.

Meet the team

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