Highways Information Map question and answers


This page provides some answers to some frequently asked questions about the Highways Information Map for 

Question and Answers

Go to ‘Show Map Categories’ then click on the + symbol to see a drop down list. Then put a tick in the box of the layer you want to look at on the map. To collapse the list, click on -.

Yes you can. Click the back purble burger menu symbol in the top left corner of the map to hide the info bar at the side. Click again to bring it back.

On the map in the top left hand corner, click the blue + symbol to zoom in, click the – symbol to zoom out. Alternatively you can use the slider to zoom in and out.

Right click and hold the mouse button down, then drag to the area on the map you wish to view.

You can switch between colour and black and white background maps using the buttons on the top right corner

In the top left hand corner, go to ‘Find Address,’ type the address or postcode if you know it. Search works best when using a house number or name and a postcode.

By clicking on the highlighted information or symbol on the map, you can get additional information about that data or location.

Yes, just tick all the boxes you want to see on the map.

Simply uncheck all the boxes for the layers you do not wish to see.

You can click on this to view more information about the topic.

It is possible that either the map is not programmed to show this information, or the item you are looking for is not the responsibility of ECC Highways.

The areas of the record shown without a black border have not been validated as they have not yet been fully researched. The coloured information is as accurate as possible based on the data we have and remains subject to change should further information to the contrary or correcting the same come to light. Areas coloured in yellow are not maintainable at public expense. That means we do not maintain them.

To print the map we recommend using the snipping tool on Windows devices or the grab tool on Mac devices, other screen capturing methods are available.