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Publication of orders

Publication of orders

The following orders and documents have been made available to view from Tuesday, 16 April 2019 until the start of the Public Inquiry, which is anticipated will take place early in summer 2019.

The Statement of Case has a list of the deposit documents within Section 17.1.

You can download the deposit documents below, or view them in person at these locations and times (except bank holidays): 

Essex County Council
Central Library
Cross Street
CM20 1HA

Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm
Closed Wednesdays, Sundays and bank holidays
Contact Number: 0345 603 7628 

Essex County Council
Chelmsford Library
Ground Floor
County Hall
Market Road
CM1 1QH 

Monday to Friday: 9am to 6:30pm 
Saturday: 9am to 5:30pm 
Sundays: 1pm to 4pm 
Contact Number: 0345 603 7628

Additional linked documents



Deposit documents


Files or Folder Contents Size 
Proof of Evidence for Public Inquiry

Appendix A - Traffic Modelling Proof of Evidence - CM.pdf

Appendix B - The Combined TAR and SAR Report.pdf

Appendix C - The NMU Context Report.pdf

Appendix D - The Design Rationale Notes.pdf

Appendix E - Operational Assessment Technical Note.pdf

Appendix F- Land Plans and CPO drawings.pdf

Appendix G - Construction Phasing Report.pdf

Appendix H- Options Assessment Report.pdf

Appendix I - General Arrangement Drawings and CPO plans.pdf

PoE DS.pdf

PoE PM.pdf

PoE RWM.pdf

PoE SC.pdf

PoE Summary and Conclusions.pdf

Summary PoE PM.pdf

Summary PoE RWM.pdf 

Individual Files 

M11 Junction 7a Secretary of State Call in Decision 20 July 2017.pdf

M11 J7A ES Volume B Figures_Part 1 of 2.pdf

M11 J7A ES Volume B Figures_Part 2 of 2.pdf

M11 Junction 7A ES Volume C Appendices_Part 1 of 3.pdf

M11 Junction 7A ES Volume C Appendices_Part 2 of 3.pdf

M11 Junction 7A ES Volume C Appendices_Part 3 of 3.pdf







M11 J7A Flood Risk Assessment Addendum May 2017.pdf

M11 J7A Flood Risk Assessment.pdf

M11 J7A Pre-Application Scoping Report.pdf

M11 Junction 7A ES Volume A Environmental Statement.pdf

Non-Technical Summary.pdf

Outline Environmental Management Plan.pdf


Air Quality Addendum to the resposne from AQC prepared by Jacobs 25 May 2017.pdf

Biodiversity Offsetting Report May 2017.pdf

Cover Page  - Post Submission Documents .pdf

Hedgehog impact assessment April 2017.pdf

Hedgerow Assessment May 2017.pdf

Hydraulic Modelling Report Addendum May 2017.pdf

Landscaping Area Recalculation May 2017.pdf

Noise Calculation Area Amendment May 2017.pdf

Response to External Review of M11 J7a Air Quality Assessment.pdf

Traffic_Management_Plan May 2017.pdf

Drainage cross sections

Secretary of state (SoS) decision

Planning statement and planning statement appendix

Application form

Additional geophysical survey

Public Involvement Programme (PIP) Part 1 & 2

Bat box location plan

Retained reptile toad habitat plan

AIES Screening Matrix.pdf

Biodiversity Checklist.pdf

Hedgerow Removal plan.pdf



Vegetation Removal.pdf


Existing Layout_Key Plan rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 1 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 2 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 3 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 3 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 4 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 5 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 6 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 7 of 8 rP0.pdf

Existing Layout_Sheet 8 of 8 rP0.pdf

Landscape Sections.pdf

Location Plan rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 1 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 2 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 3 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 4 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 5 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 6 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 7 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout Plan_Sheet 8 of 8 rP0.pdf

Proposed Layout_Key Plan rP0.pdf

Road Lighting Layout Plan rP0.pdf

Site Location Plan rP0.pdf


General Arrangements 2019.pdf

DfT Circular 1-97 Highways Act 1980.pdf

Dft Circular 2 97 Drafting and Submission of CPO D43DOECircular297pdf-V1.pdf

Appraisal Specification Report.pdf

Data Collection Report M11 J7a Final.pdf

Model Forecast Report.pdf


Options Assessment Report.pdf

Local Modal Validation Report.pdf

RSA & Designer's Response.pdf

Operational Assessment Tech Note.pdf

Drainage System Summary Report.pdf

M11 Junction 7A Procurement Report 15 June 16 Rev 1.pdf

M11 Junction 7A Procurement  Buildability Report 23 Feb 17.pdf

Economic Assessment Report.pdf

Section 16 - Statement of Reasons.pdf

Statement of Reasons SRO CPO Combined.pdf

DFT circular 2-2007.pdf

Scheme Assessment and Technical Appraisal Report.pdf


73610_ApplicationFormNoPersonalData_Redacted (3).pdf


Construction Phase Traffic and Transport Impact Assessment.pdf

Guidance on compulsory purchase process and Crichel Down Rules (February 2018).pdf

Highway Infrastructure Memorandum of Understanding.pdf

M11 J7A Decision Notice - July 2017.pdf

M11 Junction 7a Essex County Planning Authority Committee Report June 2017.pdf

Stage 1 Road Safety Audit.pdf



 Section 16 

 Section 16 - Official Notice

 PDF  10/09/2018 

 Section 16 Sliproads - Special roads

 PDF  10/09/2018

 Section 16 Sliproads - Special roads scheme map

 PDF  10/09/2018 

 Section 16 Statement of Reasons

 PDF  10/09/2018

 List of deposit documents

 Statement of Reasons

 PDF  12/06/2018

 CPO Notice

 PDF  18/06/2018

 SRO Notice

 PDF  18/06/2018

 Supporting documents for the Statement of Reasons

1. ECC Gilden Way-Sheering Road - Side Roads Order

 PDF  12/06/2018

2. ECC Gilden Way-Sheering Road - Side Roads Order Plan

 PDF  12/06/2018

3. ECC Gilden Way-Sheering Road - Compulsory Purchase Order

 PDF  12/06/2018

4. Map referred to in ECC Gilden Way-Sheering Road - Compulsory Purchase Order

 PDF  12/06/2018

5. Redacted Section 8 Agreement (temporarily unavailable)

 PDF  12/06/2018



7a. Harlow - Emerging Local Development Plan


7b. Epping Forest - Emerging Local Development Plan




9. Planning application drawings 

 PDF  12/06/2018

10. Environmental Statement

 PDF  12/06/2018

11. National Planning Policy Framework 

 PDF  12/06/2018

12. Highways Infrastructure Memorandum of Understanding

 PDF  12/06/2018

13. Planning decision dated 21 July 2017 

 PDF  12/06/2018

14. Acquisition of Land Act 1981


15. Highways Act 1980


16. DfT Circular 1-97 Highways Act


17. DfT Circular 02-2013 Strategic Road Network and Sustainable Development


18. Town and Country Planning General Regulations 1992 – Reg 3


19. The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 


20. Human Rights Act 1998 


21. Equality Act 2010