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Army and Navy Taskforce, Chelmsford

Update - 05 August 2019: Army and Navy flyover closure

On 26th July 2019 a technical fault with the flyover was discovered as a result of the recent high temperatures deeming the flyover less safe. Kevin Bentley, ECC Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, took urgent action and announced the flyover closed for the foreseeable future.

We are aware of the current situation and the congestion issues in the area that are likely to occur as a result of the flyover closure. We’re working to put together a package of short-term measures to alleviate traffic congestion while the flyover is closed. The safety of road users is paramount and so any decisions regarding the flyover will be carefully considered.

Councillor Kevin Bentley and Vicky Ford MP for Chelmsford have each already written to the new Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps to update him on the situation and its implications for Chelmsford.

If you use the flyover regularly have you considered making alternative travel plans, if you can?  The junction is located just 1.5km from the city centre which is within walking or cycling distance for those that are able. We have a dedicated travel planning page which may help you to plan an alternative route for your journey and via different modes, including the Park and Ride.

We are currently in the process of developing a long-term solution for the junction which you can read about below. We are committed to progressing this work at pace and to continue to pursue any funding opportunities.

Latest News - 03 July 2019: Army and Navy Taskforce meets with the Department for Transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) has underlined the importance of the Army and Navy junction and provided an update on the funding process for improvements.

A representative from the DfT attended the latest taskforce meeting at County Hall last week, with a message that they recognised the strategic importance of the junction and the need to improve its capacity and capability to support the productivity of Chelmsford’s businesses.

The DfT also received an update on early public engagement work to model different solutions, based on community feedback. The DfT then set out their requirements before considering Government funding for junction improvements.

The taskforce then heard a summary of the workshop discussions which took place in March 2019. Local businesses, members of the public and representatives of community groups attended workshops to discuss the aims of the scheme and their aspirations for the future of the junction and flyover. The workshops helped gain a better understanding of the experience and ideas of a broad range of people in Chelmsford who rely on the Army and Navy junction and flyover every day.

Key points noted at the workshops included congestion, pollution, future growth, condition of flyover, and access issues for walking, cycling and public transport.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Essex County Council's Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “The feedback received from the workshop attendees is invaluable to the progress of the scheme, utilising the knowledge of everyday users to develop options for a solution at the Army and Navy roundabout. This is an opportunity for representative groups and the council to work together to shape and influence the next chapter of the Army and Navy roundabout.”

Cllr Stephen Robinson, Leader of Chelmsford City Council, said: "I am delighted that the Government has acknowledged the importance of the Army and Navy junction and the need for action. But it is important to recognise that this junction is only part of the problem, and solutions need to cover the whole transport network around Chelmsford."

Vicky Ford, MP for Chelmsford, said: “The case for funding a long term solution to the Army and Navy Junction is gaining real momentum, and I am grateful to the DfT for attending the latest taskforce meeting and sharing their perspective, as well as hearing from us on how we are building a consensus across residents, businesses and local government on improving the junction for benefit of all.”

Residents, businesses, and wider organisations interested in the future of the Army and Navy roundabout and flyover are also now able to sign up to a newsletter update on progress on the scheme on the dedicated website.

About the junction

The Army and Navy Flyover in Chelmsford carries one-way traffic (cars only) from the A1060/A1114 over the Army and Navy roundabout.  The direction of travel changes at different times of the day in a bid to support traffic flows, however the flyover is routinely closed overnight in both directions, seven days a week.

The flyover is located at the Army and Navy Junction in Chelmsford, one of the key entry points in to Chelmsford. It is a five-arm roundabout with a flyover and is heavily congested during peak times.


The flyover has been the subject of a number of closures during summer 2018 which required further investigating. These investigations have now been concluded. The flyover is open and is safe to use.

The flyover structure will be subject to an enhanced monitoring regime to ensure that it remains open for use.

The development of future options for the whole junction, either in replacing the existing flyover with a permanent structure or seeking an alternative solution will now proceed as a priority. The design, planning and development of any scheme is likely to take a number of years and will require further funding to be secured.


A Taskforce consisting of a panel of elected members from the City, including the Parish Council, and Vicky Ford MP, and will have oversight and ownership of the development of the business case.

They will be supported in their work by officers from both the County and City Councils.

For information regarding any planned maintenance please visit the A1060/A1114 Army and Navy Flyover, Chelmsford page. 

Long term solution progress

Engagement workshops

We have now finished our engagement workshops with Business, Transport and Community user group representatives and have received lots of good information to feedback to the design teams. The engagement activities generated over 100 different ideas for the junction going forward. Better performing proposals will be brought to a series of future public consultation events which will be open for all to attend.

There will be an engagement report on the output of the workshops which will be uploaded to the website. For an update of when this will happen please subscribe to our Newsletter at the link in the bottom right corner of your screen.

You can also find the slides used in a presentation by our project team at the workshops down in the documents section at the bottom of the page alongside the minutes of each Taskforce meeting.

Thank you to everyone who came and shared their thoughts and their knowledge.

Taskforce meetings

We have also had two recent meetings with our Taskforce panel of elected representatives.

The Taskforce has raised the Army and Navy scheme with the Secretary of State for Transport and a Department for Transport representative attended the fourth meeting. The department’s priorities for the scheme are:

  1. Safeguarding the productivity of Chelmsford
  2. Managing congestion at peak times
  3. Considering the structural condition of the flyover
  4. Incorporating the scheme into the wider transport vision for Chelmsford

Alongside these priorities, the DfT stressed the importance of sustainable transport infrastructure.
The taskforce also discussed their concerns over the increasing population of the city of Chelmsford and its impact on traffic congestion in the City centre. This gives the junction little resilience to cope with traffic incidents whilst also influencing the City’s productivity, air quality and environmental impact.

Next steps

Following on from the successful workshops in March, we will follow this with wider engagement later in 2019 which will allow everyone to have their say on progress so far on the scheme. This is an additional stage in advance of the formal consultation, as we recognise the importance of gathering local opinion at this early stage. This will be based primarily online with provision for those without access to the internet to be included. We will then be going to full options consultation in 2020 with options for the public to feedback on.

We will be updating the website with more information on this later in the year, if you would like to be kept informed please click the link in the bottom right of your screen and we will add you to the newsletter list.

Key facts on the flyover and roundabout

  • The Army and Navy junction is operating at 97% in the AM peak and 95% in the PM peak.
  • 72 buses an hour use the Army and Navy in the AM peak.
  • Each day, up to 60,000 vehicles use the junction and 10,000 of those vehicles use the flyover.
  • During the period from 2011 to 2018 there were a total of 80 collisions around the junction: 1 of which was fatal, 9 serious and 70 classed as slight.
  • Over 50% of journeys to work in Chelmsford are made by private vehicle but are less than 5km in length
  • If everyone in Chelmsford were to switch just two of their journeys to work (including to the train station) each week to sustainable modes, this would remove 165,000 trips from the network

The scheme to look at long-term improvements to the Army and Navy flyover and junction is just one of the projects looking to deliver improvements across all types of transport in Chelmsford. A package of smaller scale, short-term improvements will help to alleviate the current issues felt on the road network and help the city to keep moving forward.

They are detailed at the links below:



The vision for Chelmsford to 2036

“For Chelmsford's transport system to become 'best in class' rivalling similar cities across the UK offering enhanced connectivity, and access to opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses to support the sustainable economic growth of the city.”


Below are our strategies


Bringing a zonal approach to achieving Chelmsford’s transport objectives.

  • Outer – Park & ride, rail, the strategic road network
  • Mid – Buses & cycling
  • Inner – Walking, public realm


Other local strategies