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Safer, Greener, Healthier Colchester

Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council have been working together with other key partners on a proposed scheme based on routes that meet and cross in the town centre – one running from North to South and the other from West to East. The routes connect to the proposed Rapid Transit System (and segregated cycleway) which will link the Park & Ride adjacent to the A12, North of the town, to the town centre and to the emerging new garden community in North-East Colchester.


The North-South corridor starts at Bruff Close/ Mile End Road where there have been recent improvements to the cyclepath, and finishing at the proposed Rapid Transit route.  Proposed improvements may include:

  • The introduction of 20mph speed limits
  • Making 2-way cycle contraflow lane permanent
  • Improving pedestrian and cycling facilities
  • The introduction of a segregated cycleway


The West-East corridor begins at the junction of Spring Lane and Church Lane with Lexden Road, ending at East Hill. Proposed improvement may include:

  • The introduction of segregated cycleways
  • Improvements to existing crossings to provide improved facilities for cyclists/pedestrians to cross to schools
  • Removal of informal crossing/islands
  • Infill of a subway
  • Widen an existing  footway
  • Upgrade existing two-phase pedestrian crossing to a single-phase crossing.
  • Provide separate segregated surface level cycleway crossing.
  • Improvements for students accessing schools including introduction of a 20mph speed limit

Full details of the schemes will be available when we launch our consultation in late May.