Bus stops and bus shelters

Not all bus shelters belong to/are the responsibility of Essex County Council. Shelters can also belong to bus shelter companies or Borough/ District/ Parish Councils. If you notice a problem with a bus stop or shelter, please Tell us online

If a shelter is not the responsibility of Essex County Council, the responsible authority is notified on the same day the report is actioned.

An urgent request is generally anything that is deemed as dangerous to the public, and is normally attended to in 1-2 days. Urgent requests include

  • Smashed glass in shelters or on the pavement.
  • Offensive graffiti on bus shelter.
  • Bent or loose bus stop poles obstructing the highway.
  • Bus shelter structure being unstable.
  • Sharp edges on broken timetable cases.
  • Anything causing a trip hazard on the ground around the bus stop.

A standard (non urgent) request is normally attended to within one month. These include:

  • New flags on bus stop poles.
  • Graffiti on bus shelters.
  • General cleaning of shelters.
  • Cutting back vegetation around a stop.
  • Installing new timetable cases and information.