Essex-wide Bus Shelter Project


Essex County Council is developing a pioneering collaboration with colleagues from City, Borough and District councils across Essex which will give our residents better bus shelters and encourage more people to use sustainable transport across Essex.

The Essex-wide Bus Shelter project will establish a long-term contract to create a better bus shelter estate, including all maintenance, cleaning, replacement and supply of shelters – all paid for from the generation of income by the new supplier, through advertising.

The project will deliver: “a sustainable and quality bus infrastructure network that provides consistency of experience, is commercially focussed and future proofed”

It will offer benefits to residents, including:

  • Modernisation of bus shelters – improving customer experience for passengers – aiming to increase the number of people using buses
  • Building more bus shelters – through commercial income, offering more passengers a seat at the bus stop and protection from bad weather
  • Planned cleaning - offering a better bus stop experience and encouraging more people to travel by bus
  • Estate rationalisation and reduced street clutter – improved street scene environment for residents and improved accessibility
  • Income leveraged from advertising - replacing taxpayer funding with commercial funding