Pavements, kerbs and cycle paths

Pavements and cycle paths are sometimes referred to as paths, footways, footpaths, cycleways and cycle lanes.

Essex County Council is responsible for over 6700km of footways. A robust inspection regime is in place to ensure any safety defects are recorded, investigated, risk assessed and appropriate action taken where required. The frequency of inspection is different depending on how busy the footway is. High footfall areas are inspected either monthly or three monthly depending on their location and low footfall footways are inspected annually. 

We also carry out condition surveys on footways which help us to identify those footways that require larger scale surfacing works.

To check if we are already aware of an issue or tell us about a  new issue on a pavement or cycle path, please click below:

To see where larger footway surfacing is due to be carried out please check the map below: