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Future plans for Finchingfield Bridge

Latest News - 30 September 2020: Plans for Finchingfield Bridge available to view online

Visualisation of proposed bridge

In advance of our appointment-based Information Event scheduled for Thursday 1 October 2020, we have released our current plans for Finchingfield Bridge.   

Included below is a short visual demonstration and images of how we envisage the proposed bridge will look once constructed. Drawings of the existing bridge along with the proposed structure have been included along with a summary of some of the technical aspects of our proposals including material choices, dimensions and estimated timelines.

Also included is a proposed temporary vehicle crossing road layout as we continue to explore the option of a temporary crossing with Finchingfield Parish Council.

Please be assured that our plans will be subject to necessary legal permissions and obligations being met and planning permission being granted.  We will continue to work with Finchingfield Parish Council throughout this process.

We look forward to welcoming those with pre-booked appointments at the event and encourage you to check the ‘On the day’ event information shared below prior to attending.  

Forthcoming event

You are invited to find out more about our plans for Finchingfield Bridge. We are keen to share our proposals and to listen to your feedback.

We look forward to welcoming people attending with pre-booked appointments at our Information Event on Thursday 1 October 2020 at the Finchingfield Guildhall. Please note the event booking process has now closed.  

The Telephone Surgery call-back offer has also closed.

For anyone unable to attend our event, further details about our proposals are outlined below.

Information Event bookings on Thursday 1 October 2020

The booking system to request tickets for the Information Event on Thursday 1 October 2020 has now closed.  If you need to cancel your 15 minute appointment please contact us by email:

On the day

The Information Event will be held at Finchingfield Guildhall, Church Hill, Finchingfield, Braintree CM7 4NN.

  • Please do not attend if you or members of your household are suffering from Covid-19 or from Covid-19 symptoms. If you are unable to attend the event, please contact us on the email provided above to cancel your session.
  • Please only attend the event with those included within your booking. Please be reminded attendance will be limited to four people (including children) to allow us to remain compliant with current Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Please ensure you arrive at your allotted time. Late attendance could result in your sessions being cancelled.
  • Upon your arrival, please wait in the downstairs lobby area where a member of staff will greet you and ensure you are signed in appropriately.
  • Please maintain social distancing and please wear a face covering whilst inside the building if you are able to.
  • Please use the hand sanitising stations upon entrance to the building.
  • A one way system will be in operation during the event, please ensure you follow the “Way In” and “Way Out” signs accordingly.

Should we be required to cancel our arrangements, for example if government advice concerning Covid-19 changes, an update will be placed on our webpage and we will endeavour to contact you through the information provided on your event booking.

Topics for discussion

  • Current plans, including replacement bridge design and material choices.
  • Proposals relating to the installation of a temporary vehicle crossing across the village green and watercourse, and reinstatement works.
  • Estimated project timeline. 

Please note that while we continue to pursue options for a replacement bridge in Finchingfield village centre, these options will be subject to the necessary legal permissions and obligations being met and planning permissions being granted. We continue to work with closely with Finchingfield Parish Council throughout this process to complete the works.

Our plans

Watch our visual demonstration as to how the new proposed bridge will look once constructed.

We will continue to work closely with Finchingfield Parish Council throughout this process.


The new Finchingfield Bridge

  • Our intention is to dismantle the existing structure and replace the bridge with one built in the same location with a very similar look to the existing bridge.
  • It is proposed that the current width between the bridge walls will be maintained between new kerbs and a narrow hardened verge to offer some protection to the bridge parapets.
  • These proposals will lead to a bridge that will be up to 1.5 metres wider overall, but maintaining the same road width, so that the bridge continues to act as a traffic calming feature.
  • There are no plans to include a footway as part of the project.
Plan of existing bridge including cross view of northern and southern elevation General arrangement of existing bridge
Plan of proposed new bridge including diagrams at carriageway/pond levels General arrangement of proposed bridge
Plans to show cross section of existing and proposed new bridge Cross section view of existing and proposed bridge

Technical details

Image of proposed bridge (cross section view) Section through proposed bridge
  • The proposed new bridge will benefit from narrow verges which offer protection to the parapets and the Greedy Duck. This is an essential improvement to the cross section of the bridge.
  • The proposed width between kerbs is slightly narrower than the current width between parapets. This has been introduced to provide smooth lines approaching and passing over the structure. The verges will be 0.6m for the North and a minimum of 0.4m for the South parapets. This will offer some protection to the parapets and adjacent building from impact by vehicles.
  • The presence of the new verge requires the lifting of the parapet by 155mm to provide the minimum height above the carriageway.
  • The elevation concrete shall feature in the proposed new bridge. The original cast iron pattress plates shall be refurbished and retained.
  • Butresses shall be constructed to the same dimensions as the existing. These and brickwork elsewhere on the proposed structure shall be constructed in the handmade Olde Horsham bricks.
  • The interior of the new bridge shall be finished in smooth concrete, this will match the existing Southern Elevation.


Visual illustration of proposed bridge
Visual illustration of proposed bridge
Visual illustration of proposed bridge
Visual illustration of proposed bridge
Visual illustration of proposed bridge
Visual illustration of proposed bridge

Temporary vehicle crossing

Plan of temporary vehicle crossing road layout Plan of temporary vehicle crossing road layout
  • Trial hole investigations were carried out in late October 2019 to determine the precise location and depth of utility services in and around the village green areas.
  • The investigation works have shown that it is feasible to install a temporary vehicle crossing across the village green. We continue to explore this as an option with the Parish Council.
  • As part of the temporary crossing option, various planning approvals will be required for the use of the village green areas.

Indicative project programme: Spring 2021-Design completion, Summer 2021-Planning permission received, Autumn 2021-Contractor appointment, Winter 2021-De-registering of Village Green Complete, Spring 2022-Commencement of site works