Chelmsford City Growth Package

Aerial view of Chelmsford

APRIL 2018 - Further updates regarding the Baddow Road Bus Gate will be published online at 


JANUARY 2018 -  Following the closure of the consultation, this page has been updated to
summarise the outcomes and the decisions made, detailing the schemes chosen to be taken forward

What’s the problem?

Chelmsford is growing and developing into a place where people want to live, work, shop, and spend time. With this growth, there is an increase in demand for travel on our already busy road network.

At the moment, the road network has only 4% space left at peak times.

If we don’t do something to reduce the pressure on the existing road network, the problem is going to get worse 

  • More frequent traffic jams
  • A negative effect on the city’s economy
  • A negative effect on air quality  

There is not the available space in the city centre to increase capacity on the existing roads, or build new roads. This would also not solve the issue as it would further encourage extra car journeys and quickly use up the new space.

What’s the solution?

We need a strategic approach to help solve the issues that are currently in existence on Chelmsford’s transport network. Looking to the future, we need to progress in a way that ensures that what we have in Chelmsford can be used and enjoyed for generations to come.

Investing in sustainable transport methods is therefore a key part of the solution.

We also need to challenge the way people think about travelling to, from and within Chelmsford.

We need to make alternatives to the car attractive enough to persuade people to alter their habits.


Source: Census (2011) journey to work data

The Chelmsford City Growth Package

Essex County Council has secured £15 million to be invested in sustainable transport methods designed to help alleviate pressure on Chelmsford’s road network.  These improvements to the network need to be made by 2021.

The Chelmsford City Growth Package went out to public consultation in summer 2017. It includes a number of potential schemes. Public feedback helped us decide which schemes to bring forward in November 2017.



Results of the Public Consultation

As part of the Public Consultation we received over 900 responses from the public, businesses and other key partners. We have analysed these responses to help guide the selection of schemes to be taken forward as part of the Chelmsford City Growth Package. As the promoter of the package, we have also included a response to the public consultation to explain the decisions that have been made.

Consultation Report

Promoter's Response 


Baddow Road Bus Gate 

One of the schemes included for consideration in the Public Consultation was Baddow Road Bus Gate. This scheme received a high level of comment and was linked to a petition from local residents. As a result, we have altered the proposal to:

  • Reduce it to operate in the peak hours only (0700-1000 & 1600-1900); and 
    • To allow residents living between Meadgate Avenue and the Army & Navy to access the roundabout as they currently do.

Greater detail about the reasoning behind the proposals and how they will help Chelmsford is available in the following:

Baddow Road Bus Gate Stage 2 Report

Baddow Road Bus Gate FAQs

The selected schemes

In November 2017 we announced 16 schemes combining 20 of the 30 proposals put to the public during the Chelmsford City Growth Package consultation. To find out more please see the Public Consultation Documents below and our presentation document.

Baddow Road Bus Gate - changes to consultation proposals include: reduced to only peak hours and moved to Meadgate Avenue. This will be on an 18 month trial basis.

Broomfield Road: Hybrid Cycleway (Gyratory to Patching Hall Lane) and Highway and Passenger Transport capacity - changes to consultation proposals include: removal of the one-way section on Corporation Road

Chelmer Valley Road: Bus Priority Measures and Highway Capacity Improvements

Chelmer Village Way cycleway

City Centre Cycle Connectivity (Bellmead link to Chelmsford Railway Station)

City Centre Cycle Parking

Citywide Signage & Technology

Essex Regiment Way Pegasus Crossing

Great Baddow to City Centre cycle route

Great Waltham to City Centre Cycle Route

New London Road Bus lane

New Street hybrid cycleway

Parkway (five schemes) - Bus Lane and Three Lane Running / Permanent Left Turn Segregation / New London Road Junction Enhancement / New London Road Left Turn Widen / Manor Road

Pump Lane/Springfield Road Toucan Crossing

Tindal Square: closure to general motorised traffic

Writtle to City Centre Cycling Improvements (National Cycle Network 1): Including Admirals Park Bridge replacement


Map showing the locations of the proposed schemes in the Chelmsford City Growth Package 

Public Consultation Documents - Summer 2017

Chelmsford City Growth Package - North Chelmsford - PDF
Chelmsford City Growth Package - West Chelmsford PDF
Chelmsford City Growth Package - City Centre - PDF
Chelmsford City Growth Package - Parkway Corridor - PDF
Chelmsford City Growth Package - South and East