Victoria Road (A1099) improvements, Chelmsford

Works location and photos

Side view of Victoria Road Bridge
View of Victoria Road, including existing toucan crossing

About the scheme

Essential maintenance is planned in April 2023 to re-waterproof Victoria Road Bridge, which carries the A1099 over the River Chelmer. To fully utilise traffic restrictions that will be in place, these works have been co-ordinated with other important improvement projects.This will enable us to work efficiency while limiting future inconvenience to residents, businesses and commuters caused by traffic restrictions in the future.

As well as improving the existing shared pedestrian and cycling facilities next to the bridge we will be carrying out surfacing works on Victoria Road between Springfield Road and New Street, and improvements to the cycling route on Waterloo Lane.

During some aspects of the programme there will be a need for materials to cure when activity will be reduced on site.

Victoria Road Bridge waterproofing works

Waterproofing works are essential to preserve the life Victoria Road Bridge. The bridge comprises of two structures, the first being the original concrete Hennebique Bridge built in 1924, and asecond concrete bridge was added in 1957 when the river channel was widened.

The work involves removing and replacing the current waterproof membrane on the bridge deck and installing a new road surface with the support of the closure of the bridge.

Bridge waterproofing works are sensitive to poor weather conditions as dry, mild conditions are required.

Traffic signal renewal - widening and repositioning of new signals/lanterns

Our aim is to improve the shared cycling and pedestrian facilities adjacent to Victoria Road Bridge, which is an important walking and cycling route within the city.

The purpose of the scheme is to upgrade the existing toucan crossing on Victoria Rd with a new widened toucan crossing facility and to ensure the route ties in with the segregated cycleway on the Riverside Leisure Centre side of the road.

Resurfacing works

Repairs and resurfacing works are planned for the length of Victoria Road from the junction of Springfield Road to New Street, to improve the carriageway. These works are scheduled to be carried out overnight as traffic movements will be restricted during road treatment.

Waterloo Lane works

As part of our Active Travel Fund plans to make the route safer, greener and healthier, improvements to riverside cycle routes from Victoria Road to Waterloo Lane will be constructed following the main works on Victoria Road.

  • Refreshed lining and new cycle road markings on Waterloo Lane
  • Installing a raised table on Waterloo Lane (next to Riverside cycle path)
  • New/improved surface on Riverside cycle path connecting to Waterloo Lane
  • New hazard warning paving on Riverside cycle path
  • Markings for a segregated cycleway on Riverside cycle path

About the works

Mobilisation works will begin on Saturday 1 April 2023 in advance of Victoria Road Bridge closing 24 hours a day from Monday 3 April 2023. The bridge will remain closed until the bridge works are complete with additional phased night time closures along Victoria Road when resurfacing works take place.

Efforts have been made to keep the work programme as short as possible, and to maximise the use of the closure by undertaking other works at the same time.

Victoria Road works

Proposed dates

Proposed traffic restrictions

All the time:

3 April 2023 to 19 April 2023

Full closure of Victoria Road Bridge 24 hours a day for bridge waterproofing and pedestrian crossing improvements.

During the scheduled ice-skating show from 5 – 9 April 2023 at the Riverside centre, there will be full access to the car park on Victoria Road via the diversion route.

Overnight closures phase 1:

Nights of 3 April to 4 April,  between 7pm and 5am

Overnight closure on Victoria Road (East side of Bridge) from Victoria Road Bridge to the junction of Springfield Road for resurfacing works.

Overnight closures phase 2:

Nights of 5 April and 6 April, between 7pm and 5am

Overnight closure on Victoria Road (West side of Bridge) from Victoria Road Bridge to the entrance of Riverside Leisure Centre for resurfacing works (access to Riverside Leisure centre maintained from Victoria Road. 

Overnight closures phase 3:

Nights of Tuesday 11 April, 12, 13 and 14 April

Overnight closure on Victoria Road (West side of Bridge) from the entrance of Riverside Leisure Centre to entrance of Police Station for resurfacing works.

Overnight closure phase 4:

Night of 14 April 2023

Bridge fully closed to traffic - overnight bridge surfacing works

Waterloo Lane works

Proposed dates

Proposed traffic restrictions

To be advised

Temporary traffic management will be in place that will be adjusted according to activities taking place.  Further details will be confirmed in due course.

Signed diversions will be in place during road closures as no vehicles will be permitted to pass through the work site. Vehicular access to properties and businesses will be maintained from either side of the closure points via the diversions that will be in place.

During phased night time closures for resurfacing, vehicular access to properties within the closure be very limited while materials are laid and set.

Some temporary footway diversions may be needed to provide a safe working area while operatives are on site. Temporary crossing arrangements will be made available as necessary.

Access for Riverside Ice & Leisure Centre

Vehicle access to the Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre will be maintained at all times.

  • During the scheduled ice-skating show from 5 – 9 April 2023 at the centre there will be full access to the car park on Victoria Road via the diversion route to help minimise any disruption.
  • During periods when night time closures support resurfacing work on Victoria Road outside Riverside, access will be via the Waterloo Lane entrance to the centre and this location can also be used as the exit point for centre users.

Access to businesses/residents (including Riverside Retail Park and The Granary Car Park) during Victoria Road overnight surfacing activities

A limited number of temporary overnight road closures will be necessary while surfacing works take place on Victoria Road.Due to the nature of these works, no vehicles will be permitted to pass through the working area while the road is treated and allowed to set.

Access to properties that fall within the closed section of road are advised to check local signage for updates as vehicular access will be limited during overnight surfacing works, with delays expected depending on the operations being undertaken at the time.

Separate access arrangements for Riverside Ice and Leisure users are outlined above.

Overnight surfacing works allow for a longer working shift compared to off peak daytime working, resulting in the works being completed earlier with less local disruption.

Passenger transport

During the road closures no vehicles, including buses will be permitted to pass over the bridge.

Bus operators have been given advance notice of these works so they can consider and communicate any changes that may be necessary to their timetable.


Local diversions will be in place when road closures on Victoria Road are necessary.We urge drivers to take additional care and observe traffic management and signage in place during the works.

Please support us by taking additional care when travelling in the area and allowing additional travelling time.

Further information

Please note that dates may be subject to change as some elements of the work are highly sensitive to changing weather conditions, which may affect the work programme.

We aim to keep residents and businesses updated via this webpage and site signage. Details about other roadworks in the area are also available from and the @essexhighways twitter feed.