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Report structures

Bridges and structures

Damage or issues to a bridge, culvert, subway or other structure

Report vegetation

Bushes, trees, verges or weeds

Overgrown vegetation issues such as bushes, trees, verges or weeds

Report street furniture

Bus stops, bins, benches, barriers or bollards

Damaged or missing benches, bins, bollards, roadside fences or barriers

Report manhole cover

Damaged or missing manhole covers

Broken, missing, noisy or rocking manhole covers

Report signs and lines

Faded lines, damaged signs

White, yellow, give way lines, warning or traffic signs

Reporting flooding and blocked drains

Flooding and blocked drains

Standing water, blocked or broken drains, flooded property or impassable roads

Report lighting


Street lights, traffic lights and lit signs

Report debris

Litter, debris and graffiti

Fly tipping, litter, abandoned vehicles and graffiti

Report obstruction


Large obstructions such as embankment slips, large overhanging branches or fallen trees*

*For overgrown vegetation please report this under bushes, trees, verges or weeds - above

Report street furniture


Where to park, apply for a parking permit or appeal a parking fine

Report Pavement

Pavements, kerbs & cycle paths

Damaged or uneven pavements, cycle paths or kerbs

Report a pothole

Potholes and road surface issues

Potholes and other road surface

Report PRoW

Public Rights of Way

Footpaths, byways and bridleways. Blocked access or broken stiles

Report roadworks

Traffic, roadworks or utility works

Roadworks, traffic management or utility company works or signs/ cones left behind after works