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Press Releases and Highways Highlights

Press Releases

October 2019

16 October 2019 - Specialist firms lodge interest in flyover removal

Companies have been coming forward in their numbers to express an interest in removing the Army and Navy flyover in Chelmsford.

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15 October 2019 - Better Bridleways for Essex Horse Riders

Essex County Council today pledged to improve and increase the number of bridleways in Essex.

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09 October 2019 - Council awaiting interest from companies to remove Army and Navy flyover

Essex County Council is awaiting expressions of interest from companies to remove the Army and Navy flyover and is preparing to take down signs in the coming months.

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08 October 2019 - Essex announces Climate Change Commission and million pound tree project

“We need to do more to make a difference” said Cllr David Finch, Leader of Essex County Council as today he announced the Essex Climate Change Action Plan and the creation of an independent cross-party commission on climate change.

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02 October 2019 - Public to get first look at initial Army and Navy options

Initial options to improve the Army and Navy junction in Chelmsford will be shared with the public during the Autumn.

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September 2019

25 September 2019 - Plans underway to remove Army and Navy flyover

Work has begun to appoint a specialist contractor to remove the Army and Navy flyover in Chelmsford.

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16 September 2019 - Army and Navy flyover to permanently close

A detailed engineering report on the Army and Navy flyover has recommended that the structure should not reopen to traffic because it has come to the end of its life. 

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10 September 2019 - Drivers reminded to plan ahead as Army and Navy flyover remains closed

Drivers are reminded to plan ahead and switch to different forms of transport to get into and out of Chelmsford, as the Army and Navy flyover is set to remain closed.

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6 September 2019 - Stars in hard hats feature in government Road Heroes campaign

Men and women working to keep Essex roads safe for everyone are featured in short films produced by the Department for Transport, which have launched today (Friday 6 September).

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4 September 2019 - Cycle conference showcase of Essex approach placing sustainable travel at heart of economic growth

A prestigious cycling conference, held this week in Chelmsford, will showcase Essex’s innovative approach in placing sustainable travel options at the heart of managing economic growth.

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2 September 2019 - Help us make walking the first choice transport for Essex

Essex County Council wants to know resident’s views about walking across the county not only for health benefits but to ease congestion.

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August 2019

29 August 2019 - Public urged to plan alternative travel arrangements to keep Chelmsford moving as Army & Navy flyover remains closed

People are being encouraged to plan ahead and switch to different forms of transport to get into and out of Chelmsford, as the Army and Navy flyover is set to remain closed during the back-to-school period.

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17 August 2019 - Largest ever infrastructure boost for Essex will unlock growth in Colchester and Chelmsford

The leader of Essex County Council, Cllr David Finch, has welcomed a £318 million government infrastructure funding boost which will bring road and rail transport benefits including a new railway station for Chelmsford and a rapid transport system for Colchester.

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14 August 2019 - Minister of State for Transport to speak at prestigious active transport conference to be held in Chelmsford

The Minister of State for Transport and the Chief Executive of Sport England will be among the speakers at a prestigious conference to be soon held in Chelmsford, which aims to increase cycling and walking within the UK’s towns, cities and counties.

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01 August - "Pace, Enthusiasm And A Plan” For The Future Of The Army And Navy Junction

Plans to improve the Army and Navy took a major step forwards today as officials from the Department for Transport confirmed they recognised the urgency of the project and pledged to work with Essex County Council and Chelmsford City Council to deliver a long-term solution

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July 2019

July 3 - Army and Navy Taskforce meets with the Department for Transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) has underlined the importance of the Army and Navy junction and provided an update on the funding process for improvements.

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30 July - A133 Ipswich Road South, Colchester, to re-open to traffic today

The A133 Ipswich Road South in Colchester, is scheduled to re-open to traffic at the end of work today (Tuesday 30th July), earlier than anticipated for this planned phase of the work.

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30 July - Fighting for funding for a better Army and Navy junction

“Our residents deserve better, there is no time to waste – government must support our funding bids immediately”, said Cllr Kevin Bentley following the latest closure of the Army and Navy Flyover.

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June 2019 

June 11 - Boost to safer cycling in Essex

Essex first cyclist “Parallel Crossing” has been built in Chester Hall Lane, Basildon with a second currently under construction in Victoria Road South, Chelmsford.

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June 12 - Press invite to launch of ECC Highways Devolution Pilot Project

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Deputy Leader of Essex County Council and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, will be officially co-launching Essex County Council’s Highways Devolution Pilot Project, on Friday afternoon.

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June 17 - Pioneering Highways Devolution Pilot Scheme Launched with Essex Parish and Town Councils

The scheme, launched on Friday, 14th June, will help Parish and Town Councils across Essex to improve their areas based on the local community’s knowledge and needs.

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June 21 - Plans to improve congestion in Colchester town centre revealed

Residents, businesses and road users are being asked for their views on proposed changes to St Botolph’s Circus that aim to increase capacity at the junction and improve congestion in the area.

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May 2019

Road closures near Maldon the ‘least-worst solution’ to allow vital safety works to be completed

Mundon Wash Bridge is closed until October 2019 to allow Essex Highways to replace the weakening structure, a task which has led to the closure of Mundon Road.

01 May 2019 

Consultation launched into concessionary fares on the Park and Ride services across Essex

Essex County Council wants to hear from Park and Ride users from across the county on concessionary fares for disabled and older users as part of a consultation that launches today, Wednesday 8th May, 2019.

08 May 2019 

Essex Highways apologises to road-users for problems with surface dressing work on A134 and A131

Essex Highways is apologising to drivers and local residents who have been inconvenienced by recent surface dressing work on the A134 and A131.

10 May 2019 

Tell us what you think about the green spaces in Essex 

Essex County Council is asking residents for their views on green spaces and infrastructure in Essex.

15 May 2019 

A133 Ipswich Road Harwich Road improvement works to move to next major phase

Major project works to improve the A133 and Ipswich Road/Harwich Road roundabouts through Colchester are successfully approaching the next major phase.

15 May 2019 

North Essex surface dressing remedial works

Following surface dressing works carried out in May to roads in and around Colchester, some of the stone chippings didn’t stick properly to the bitumen layer below. 

31 May 2019 

April 2019

We go to work to keep the roads safe for everyone and like everybody else we deserve to be safe

Evidence grows across Essex of the increasing abuse that road workers are facing from drivers and members of the public.

10 April 2019

March 2019

Two weeks left to have your say on bus services

There are two weeks left to take part in two consultations on bus services in the county, both of which close on Friday 22 March 2019.

08 March 2019

Road works at Ipswich road south to be extended

Ipswich Road (south) Colchester is to remain closed for a further week as water main work hits problems.

12 March 2019

Three major Essex transport projects seek Government funding of £546m

Three major transport projects in Essex could receive funds of £546m after being proposed by Essex County Council in its bids to the Government's Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF).

26 March 2019

February 2019

Essex Traffic Control Centre to provide live traffic info on Saturdays from 2 February

From Saturday 2 Feb Essex Traffic Control Centre is set to extend its operating hours and provide a service to Essex residents, media and road users from 9 till 5.30pm on a Saturday.

01 February 2019

There is still time to have your say on Sunday and evening bus services

In December the County Council launched a consultation that aims to find out how important evening and Sunday local bus services are to the county's residents.

05 February 2019

Finchingfield bridge to be closed for five days

Road users are being warned about the upcoming 24-hour closure of Finchingfield Bridge (B1053).

06 February 2019

Next steps for Army & Navy junction

The green light for the Army and Navy junction’s next chapter was given by the dedicated Taskforce set up to explore the future of the Chelmsford junction.

06 February 2019

Planned work to install monitoring equipment on Army and Navy Flyover

New temperature and movement sensors will be installed on the Army and Navy Flyover in Chelmsford next month.

12 February 2019

Finchingfield Bridge replacement planning

Essex Highways engineers have been carrying out investigative trial holes and extracting cores from the material below the bridge this week.

18 February 2019

January 2019

Chelmsford rush hour traffic targeted with Parkway improvements

Rush hour congestion into and out of Chelmsford is being tackled thanks

09 January 2019

Have your say on Chelmsford Park and Ride services

Essex County Council wants to hear from Chelmsford Park and Ride users on ticket options, fares and opening days as part of a consultation that launches today, Monday 21 January 2019.

21 January 2019

Highways Highlights

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June 2019

Cover of the June Highways Highlight magazine 

July 2019

Cover of Highways Highlights July 2019 

August 2019

Highways Highlights cover for August 2019, showing some footways (pavement) works being undertaken 

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