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Local Highway Panel Harlow

Terms of Reference

Local Highway Panels (LHPs) have been set up in all 12 Borough, City or District areas.  

These panels are responsible for making recommendations and setting priorities for highway schemes in their areas.


Meetings and Paperwork

Members meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and mutually consider Highways expenditure within the District boundaries.

The LHP meetings are not open to attendance by the public or the Press other than by specific invitation of the Chairman.  Meetings are not broadcast.

Harlow Schemes List

Panel Members

Four County Councillors to be appointed by the Cabinet Member on the recommendation of the Chairman of the LHP.

Four District Councillors to be nominated by the District Council.

The LHP Chairman will be appointed by the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Local Highway Panels.

The LHP Chairman will appoint another member of the LHP to be Vice Chairman.

Scheme Requests

The scope of the Local Highways Panel funding is set out in the Terms of Reference. The funding is intended for two purposes:

  • The delivery of road safety casualty reduction schemes as identified through the collision analysis. This is a statutory duty for the County Council.
  • The delivery of locally requested measures that are not able to be prioritised for funding through other dedicated highways budgets, but meet the desires of the local community.

Casualty Reduction schemes will be identified and prioritised by the Road Safety Team and potential engineering solutions will be developed. These will be presented to the LHPs for inclusion in their annual prioritised programme.

Other LHP schemes will be developed to address the issues that are raised by your local communities.  Community schemes tend to fall into defined categories and this toolkit will guide you through the pros and cons and the complexities, cost and timescales of different engineering solutions.

Request a scheme

Members' Guide

Information about the types of schemes that may address the concern can be found within the LHP Members’ Guide

The Members' Guide is split into sections depending on your area of interest. Select the section for detailed information.

Road Safety Schemes

Road traffic casualties on the County’s roads are analysed annually.  An explanation of the funding criteria can be found in the LHP Terms of Reference

The schemes that are identified are presented to the Cabinet Member for approval.

Once approved these schemes will be included in the annual programme.

Highway Rangers

There are minor improvements that could be made to the highway across the County that are not necessarily highway defects and would not meet the maintenance criteria but that would make a huge difference to the appearance of the local area. These types of works are best carried out by the Highway Ranger Gangs, typically consisting of two people and a van.

The Local Highway Panels are responsible for requesting work to be undertaken by their Highway Ranger Services.  Requests for work that you may consider is suitable for the Highway Rangers to undertake should be passed to your Local Highways Panel. Requests for work by the Highway Rangers are collated and passed to the respective services.  You can review the outcome of a requests by looking at the information reported to the quarterly meetings of the individual Local Highway Panels.

The Highway Rangers Service is a dedicated gang able to provide practical support to the LHPs.

Information about the type of activities undertaken by the Highway Ranger Service can be found in the LHP Members' Guide.

The list of the Rangers requests can be viewed below:

Harlow LHP Rangers List (88.17 KB)XLSX09/09/2019