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Hadleigh Town Centre Public Realm Improvements

Works Location



About the scheme

Improvements to the public realm areas of Hadleigh town centre are planned from early September 2020, designed to enhance the quality and attractiveness of the town to shoppers.

Footway improvements are planned for the A13 London Road between the junction of New Road and Rectory Road and two bus stops will be combined into one double bus stop, located in close proximity to Morrisons Supermarket.  This is designed to improve traffic flows on the route.

These works have been funded by the A13 London Road, Hadleigh (175) CPT/0511/10 development and have been arranged with the support of Castle Point Borough Council.  

Works will be carried out in phases to limit local inconvenience.  Pedestrian routes will be available throughout our works with short detours where needed.   We will support businesses with access arrangements as much as possible while we carry out these improvements.  Works have been planned with temporary traffic management to support appropriate Covid-19 social distancing measures in place for the public and the workforce.

In preparation for a future upgrade of the traffic signals at the London Road / Rectory Road junction, ducting will also be installed within the footways reducing the likelihood of disturbing these areas at a later date when these signal improvements take place.

The public realm improvements are anticipated to take approximately three months to complete however dates may be subject to change if affected by poor weather or if unexpected issues arise.

What is involved and how this may it affect you

Works are due to start on Tuesday 1 September 2020 and will be carried out in phases.  The majority of the work being carried out Monday to Friday between the hours of 2pm and 11pm.

Proposed traffic management restrictions:

Proposed phasing start date Area affected - High Street  Works and Proposed Traffic Restrictions 
Phase 1: 
To commence 1 September
Outside the Cemetery. (South side) Take up paving and install new tarmac footway.
• Carriageway restrictions apply – one lane open. Temporary suspension of parking bays on southern side
Phase 2:
Week commencing 7 September
Parking bays & paving in front of stores. (South side) Take up existing paving and bollards, install new bollards and paving slabs. Re-construct parking area and tarmac.
• Carriageway restrictions apply – one lane open. Temporary suspension of parking bays on southern side.
Phase 3:
Week commencing  21 September
Bus Stop by Morrisons Supermarket. (North side) Install new bus stop infrastructure.
• Work supported by section of bus lane closure. Two lanes open to traffic. 
Phase 4: 
Dates to be confirmed
203-219 London Road. (North side) Take up existing paving and install new paving slabs. Re-construct parking area and tarmac.
• Work supported by section of bus lane closure. Two lanes open to traffic. Temporary suspension of parking bays on northern side.
Phase 5: 
Dates to be confirmed
 221-249 London Road. (North side)  Take up existing paving and install new paving slabs. Remove existing bus stop infrastructure.
• Work supported by section of bus lane closure. Bus stop to be suspended pending removal. Two lanes open to traffic. 
Phase 6:
Dates to be confirmed
 249 London Road to 7 Rectory Road. (North side) Take up existing paving and install new paving slabs.
• Work supported by full road closure of Rectory Road (northbound) - no left turn into Rectory Road. Appropriate diversions will be in place.
Phase 7: 
Dates to be confirmed
Bus stop removal at junction with New Road. (North side)  Remove existing bus stop infrastructure, install new conservation kerbs and overlay with tarmac.
• Temporary lane reduction - one lane open to traffic.

Traffic management will be needed for the full duration of the scheme however adjustments will be made according to the activities being carried out. Please always observe the latest signs and information on site.

Activities will consist of

Footway improvements are planned and will involve taking up and removing the existing paving and replacing them with concrete paving slabs which are similar what has previously been placed outside the Morrisons Supermarket.

In order to provide sufficient working space and a safe passage for pedestrians throughout the construction period. This will include a temporary closure of the bus lane when the team work on the north side of the carriageway (Morrison side), and a lane closure when carrying out works on the south side (Church side) of the road. This will also temporarily affect northbound traffic on Rectory Road due to work planned close to the junction.

Please be assured that lane closures will only be applied where necessary to allow a safe working space and to allow us to follow appropriate social distancing measures, however closures have the benefit of reducing the amount of time needed to complete the installation.
An appropriate diversion route will be put in place.

Access to properties and businesses will be maintained at all times where possible. During the phases of work, we will ensure that we work with the businesses and their opening times to work effectively.

Passenger transport

We anticipate some bus services will be affected by planned road closures.  Bus operators have been informed of our works and we are working with Essex Passenger Transport team to consider options to minimise any inconvenience.

More information will be available on this webpage prior to works starting.

Parking bays

During the works it will be necessary to temporarily suspend some parking bays on the High Street to ensure that sections of road and footways are accessible during the construction period.  The parking bays on the southern side will be temporarily closed from 2pm on Tuesday 1 September 2020 (see proposed phasing plan).  The north side will be closed later in the programme.  Posters will be on site (also included in the Document Section below).
The parking bays opposite Morrisons will be suspended for the duration of the works as this area will be used for the site compound. Restrictions will be in place from midday on Friday 28 August 2020. Posters will be on site (also included in the Document Section below).

Further information

Residents and businesses directly affected by these works are being contacted directly.

Updates, traffic management and access information will be reflected on local signage and this webpage as information becomes available.

You may also wish to follow @essexhighways or view for information about other works in the area.

Please be aware that the work programme may be subject to change if for example if affected by poor weather, if other unexpected issues arise including Government advice associated with Covid-19.

Thank you for your patience while we carry out these improvements