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Great Bardfield Bridge, B1057 Bridge Street, Great Bardfield

Advance Notice - 16 July 2019: Passenger transport information during Great Bardfield Bridge closure

During the temporary closure of Great Bardfield Bridge, alternative arrangements will be in place to accommodate bus passengers.  These include a temporary shuttle bus service (9B) operated by Roman Coaches which will enable passengers who use the Stephensons 9/9A service wishing to travel to/from Great Bardfield to continue their journey.

There will also be amendments to the Stephensons 16 service.  

Full details are outlined below, with timetables included in the Document Section.

If you have any queries regarding the passenger transport arrangements please either contact the operator directly, or the Essex Passenger Transport Team on 0345 603 2200. You can also follow the passenger transport twitter account: @Essex_pt 

Please continue to check this webpage for the latest information about the scheme.

Works Location



About the Scheme

Great Bardfield Bridge is located on B1057 Bridge Street in Great Bardfield. It is a Grade II listed structure that carries a single lane over the River Pant.

Following recent bridge investigations, a number of essential repairs have been identified and prioritised for summer 2019.  Following these works, further maintenance maybe required to be programmed as part of a separate phase of works.

A full closure of the bridge will be needed for the duration of the works which consist of brickwork repairs to both wingwalls at the northern (Finchingfield) end of the bridge.  We will also carry out localised repairs to the other brick buttresses that support the structure.  As the bridge is Grade II listed, the work requires listed building consent, which includes the type of brick to be used and the use of lime mortar. 

The works

We have an anticipated start date for the repairs of Monday 29 July 2019.  The works are expected to take approximately five weeks to complete and it will be necessary for the bridge to be fully closed to all vehicles, 24 hours a day.

We are in the process of liaising with bus operators so that adjustments can be made to their services.  An update will follow in due course.  

Appropriate traffic management and diversions will be in place during the road closure, this may include a limited number of temporary ‘Clearway/No Parking’ areas to allow sufficient space for large vehicles, including bus services, to operate and undertake safe manoeuvres. 

We have already been in discussion with both Great Bardfield and Finchingfield Parish Council to review and agree proposed diversion routes and clearways to ensure they are appropriate from both a safety and practical point of view.  

Pedestrian access via the current footbridge will be unaffected by the works and remains open.

Clearway/No Parking restrictions and enforcement 

During the works a limited number of Clearway/No Parking restrictions will be necessary.  This will allow sufficient space for large vehicles, including bus services, to undertake safe manoeuvres in Great Bardfield and Finchingfield.  Proposed locations have been agreed with relevant parties, including Parish Councils to ensure they are appropriate from a safety and practical viewpoint. 

The sections of road affected will be clearly identified by cones and signage which will outline periods when parking enforcement is operational.

Some identified locations will need to be clear from vehicles 24 hours a day/7 days a week, while in other areas, days/times of enforcement will vary. 

We encourage all road users check restrictions advertised on site as details may be subject to change during the works.

Clearway/No Parking restrictions are proposed for the following locations and times:

Proposed restrictions - Great Bardfield:
  • Beslyns Road/B1057 Bridge Street - 24 hours a day/7 days a week 
  • Crown Street/Vine Street – Monday to Friday 6.30am-8pm 
  • Brook Street – Monday to Friday 6.30am-8pm 
  • B1057 High Street/Bell Lane Junction - 24 hours a day/7 days a week 

Proposed restrictions - Finchingfield: 
  • Stephen Marshall Avenue, Finchingfield – Monday to Saturday 6.30am-8pm

    There are a number of parking spaces available at the Pavilion and at the Village Hall situated on Stephen Marshall Avenue when it is not in use. 

The proposed restrictions are outlined on a plan in the Document Section, for illustration purposes only. 

'No parking' cones and signage will clearly identify the sections of road and periods when restrictions will be operational.  Please refrain from parking vehicles in these areas during these times.  

The Clearway/No Parking areas are enforceable by issuing a Penalty Charge Notice or parking tickets.  In addition, if a vehicle is causing an obstruction and the owner cannot be easily identified then the owner is at risk of the vehicle being moved, by one of our specialised contractors, to a nearby safe parking place.   If this were to happen the owner would be required to contact the Essex County Council contact centre on 0345 603 7631 or Essex Police on 101 who will have details about the whereabouts of the vehicle.

Passenger transport

During the temporary closure of Great Bardfield Bridge, alternative arrangements will be in place to accommodate bus passengers.  These include:

  • Temporary shuttle bus (9B) - operated by Roman Coaches (Monday to Friday):

A shuttle bus service (9B) will be provided between Great Bardfield and Shalford, with occasional journeys to and from Blake End. This shuttle bus will be operated by Roman Coaches and will enable passengers who use the Stephensons 9/9A wishing to travel to and from Great Bardfield to complete their journey.

Passengers will be required to change buses between the 9B shuttle and the 9/9A service at the bus stops located at Shalford Village Hall.

A copy of the proposed shuttle bus timetable can be found in the Document section below.  Passengers will also be able to obtain a copy of the shuttle bus timetable from the driver.

  • Changes to Bus Service 16 (Monday to Saturday):

There are also changes to the Stephensons service 16, with a change of route operating due to the bridge closure. The bus will now be running between Finchingfield and Bardfield via Wethersfield. This will enable passengers using the service 16 to travel beyond Great Bardfield to Braintree and Chelmsford. Passengers will also be able to connect with a short wait for the 9B shuttle service between Bardfield and Blake End. 

Revised service 16 timetable can be found in the Document section below

  • Changes bus stop locations in service (usually served by 16/9/9A):

No service will be offered to the following bus stops (usually served by 9/9A and 16 service):

- Bendlowes Road - southbound

- Northampton Meadow – opposite

- Northampton Meadow - adjacent

- Beslyns Road - opposite

- Beslyns Road – adjacent

- Northfield - opposite

- Northfield - adjacent

No service from the following bus stop (usually served by 16 service):

- Crown Street - opposite

To be served by Roman Coaches 9B shuttle (usually served by 9/9A):

- The Sailing Oak - opposite

- The White Hart - outside

- Church - outside

- Glebe Road - opposite

- Alienor Avenue - opposite

- Braintree Road - northbound

- Braintree Road - southbound

- Brook Street - westbound

- Vine Street - adjacent

- Alienor Avenue – Bus stop A1

- Glebe Road - adjacent

- Church – opposite

- The White Hart - opposite

- The Sailing Oak - outside

Shalford stops where passengers will change between the 9B shuttle and the 9/9A:

- Village Hall - opposite

- Village Hall - outside

If you have any queries regarding the passenger transport arrangements please either contact the operator directly, or the Essex Passenger Transport Team on 0345 603 2200. You can also follow the passenger transport twitter account: @Essex_pt

Further information

The work programme may be subject to change if works are affected by poor weather or if unexpected issues arise.  

The latest updates relating to this scheme will be posted on to this webpage and will be shared with the local Parish Council.

We will also post information on the @essexhighways twitter feed and you can view information about other roadworks in the area by visiting

Thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation while we undertake these works.