School crossing patrols

The School Crossing Patrol (SCP) Service is a discretionary service and where a SCP is provided, parents remain responsible for ensuring their children’s safety when travelling to and from school, just as they do when a zebra crossing or pelican crossing is provided.

The law requires drivers to stop when the Stop sign is held upright. It is an offence under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 if a driver does not stop when signalled to do so by a School Crossing Patrol. The penalties for not stopping include:

  • a fine of up to £1000
  • three penalty points on your driving licence.

The Transport Act 2000 states that a patrol can stop traffic for any pedestrians and not just for school children or those accompanying a school child.

School Crossing Patrol Provision

There are around 200 SCP sites across the county of Essex.

SCP’s, sometimes known as Lollipop People, work on school days for approximately 40 minutes each morning and afternoon.

If a patrol officer is unable to work, we attempt to provide cover using a mobile relief patrol. Our priority is to provide cover for the first day of absence. In these circumstances we inform schools that the regular patrol officer is unable to attend and that the site is likely to be unstaffed.

Feedback about school crossing sites

We welcome feedback you have about our service.  Contact the School Crossing manager at

Become a school crossing patrol officer (lollipop lady/man)

Current vacancies are advertised on the working for Essex web site:




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