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Apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)

Apply for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO)

A Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) is made by us when it is necessary to temporarily stop or limit vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic along the highway.


Where are TTROs used?

TTROs can be applied to roads, footways or Public Rights of Way (PRoWs). We can make a TTRO:

  • to cover a planned situation, or an Urgent Notice if a restriction is needed immediately for an unplanned situation.
  • to allow essential works to be carried out on the highway such as installation of, or maintenance works to, services for example gas, electricity or water
  • for works next to the highway such as large developments.

Local District Councils apply for road closures under the Town and Police Clauses Act for events or street parties.


Common types of TTROs:


  • Road closures
  • Waiting restriction
  • Weight restrictions

They can also take the form of a:

  • Banned turn
  • One-way restriction
  • Speed limit or
  • Prohibition of entry




When submitting your TTRO application you MUST also apply for a PAA (Provisional Advanced Authorisation) from the Permit Team. Further details can be found here.

The application form below should also be completed and submitted to along with a clear plan showing the extent of the closure marked in red with proposed alternative route(s) marked in green containing a key for clear indication. All road names must be clearly visible.

Please note that if the date you are requesting for the TTRO is different to that date stated on the PAA, the TTRO will not be processed and you will be redirected back to the permit team


How do I apply for a standard TTRO?

The application form (below) should be completed and returned by email to and you will be invoiced.


How much does a standard TTRO cost?

The cost is currently £1127.68

The fee is made up of:

  • Legal advertising costs
  • Legal administration costs and
  • Processing fee

The cost does not include any temporary traffic management costs associated with the proposed restrictions. Any traffic management or signing necessitated by the TTRO should be arranged and paid for by the applicant. ECC Highway Network Management cannot advise on temporary traffic management.


How long does it take?

TTROs are made under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended, and take a minimum of 12 weeks to process.

  • A consultation process is undertaken with the police, emergency and other services.
  • The public must be notified by advertisement in the local press. A contractor applying for a TTRO is also required to notify the public in advance by local advance signing of the works and also by letter.




A TTRO can have a maximum life of 18 months for a road or six months for a Public Right of Way.


Urgent (Emergency) Road closure - Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice (TTRN) 

An Urgent Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice can be issued by us in the case of an emergency, for example a water/gas main leak or unsafe structure.


How do I apply for an Urgent TTRN?

Use the form below to apply for an urgent as well as standard (planned) road closure.  It should be returned by email to and you will be invoiced.


How much does an Urgent TTRN cost?

The cost of an Urgent TTRN is:

  • £140 




An urgent (emergency) TTRN can be issued for a maximum time of 21 days where public safety is a concern or 5 days for necessary and expedited works.