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Safer, Greener, Healthier Colchester

Map showing routes from Colchester Stationa and Town Centre

A series of ‘Safer, Greener, Healthier’ interim traffic measures in Colchester to create more shared space for walking and cycling will be introduced starting from 15 June.

20mph limits, temporary barriers and signs providing shared spaces will be introduced on the High Street, Queen Street/St Botolph’s, Head Street, St Johns Street and other town centre roads, and on the vital corridor between the main rail station and town centre, including North Station Road and North Hill.

Tranche 2

The scheme is based on routes that meet and cross in the town centre – one running from West to East and the other from North to South. The routes connect to the proposed Rapid Transit System (and segregated cycleway) which will link the Park & Ride adjacent to the A12, North of the town, to the town centre and to the emerging new garden community in North-East Colchester.

Colchester North-South

The North-South corridor starts at Bruff Close/ Mile End Road where there have been recent improvements to the cyclepath, and finishing at the proposed Rapid Transit route.  It will be - made up of a fully segregated cycle track from the Park & Ride which will meet the corridor:

  • The route then progresses through North Station Roundabout with improved segregation for cyclists.
  • Segregation is improved along Station Way and through Essex Hall Roundabout and along North Station Road to the Albert Roundabout. At the Albert Roundabout, crossing improvements will be introduced, with a view to a longer-term desire to convert this roundabout to a ‘Dutch-style’ model.
  • The route progresses along North Station Road where a cycleway will be introduced and a bus gate introduced to deter through traffic which has an easy viable alternative to the West.
  • The route progresses through Middleborough and up North Hill where the Phase 1 improvements will be expanded via signal upgrades at the existing junction with St Peter’s Street. This will improve walking and cycling.
  • A fully segregated cycle route will be created continuing along Headgate, and at the junction of Southway, the crossing will be improved with a dedicated lane for cyclists.
  • The route then progresses along Butt Road with improvements for pedestrians by removing the shared footway / cycleway provision. It ends at the junction of Beaconsfield Avenue, Le Cateau Road with Butt Road.

Colchester West-East

The West-East corridor begins at the junction of Spring Lane and Church Lane with Lexden Road, ending at East Hill:

  • Improvements start at the junction of Spring Lane and Church Lane with Lexden Road with the introduction of a permanent segregated cycleway which extends the length of Lexden Road. This will be complimented with measures to support walking with priority pedestrian crossings proposed on the side roads and improved / upgraded crossings.
  • Some roads off of Lexden Road, will be designated School Street zones, - where only those walking and cycling are able to access the street outside of schools at starting and finishing times. These will also include a 20-mph limit.
  • It is also proposed that a School Streets zone is designated around Colchester Grammar School.
  • The proposed route continues to the town centre along Crouch Street. A new improved crossing will be introduced at the crossing of the busy Balkerne Hill.
  • The route then progresses further along Crouch Street with improved segregation through the removal of parking and crosses Head Street at another improved crossing.
  • The route continues along St John’s Street, Vineyard Street and Priory ending on East Hill. These measures will represent a significant improvement over the current provisions provided to support walking and cycling. 


Colchester North - South PDF (480 KB)

Colchester West-East 1 PDF (502 KB)

Colchester West-East 2 PDF (917 KB)