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Safer, Greener, Healthier Braintree

Essex County Council and Braintree District Council have worked together to plan the installation of several social distancing signs while Braintree High St and nearby improvement works are carried out by Braintree Council. Barriers, such as have been used in other town centres in Essex, are not appropriate in Braintree due to the continuing pedestrianisation improvement works.

Called ‘Safer, Greener, Healthier’, these schemes aim to provide bigger, safer spaces for city centre shoppers, residents, workers and visitors to maintain social distance.

Phase 2

We propose to implement the County’s first “Dutch Style” roundabout, which gives greater priority to cycling and walking on one of the key routes in the town. The proposals will deliver safe and direct connected routes into the existing network of footpaths and cycle way routes which go to and from new developments to the main commuter, community and retail centres and recreational links. The proposals will encourage residents to walk or cycle for short local journeys and avoid using the car.

The scheme is based on two routes that head towards the town centre, one running from East to West and the other from South to North, and building upon the improvements established as part of the initial emergency measures:

  • The East-West cycling and walking route starts at the double mini-roundabout junction of Courtauld Road with Coggeshall Road and ends at the roundabout junction of Panfield Lane with Porters Field.
  • The South-North route is approximately starting at the railway station and ends at the junction of Manor Street in the town centre. This route connects to both the existing provisions and proposed improvements to the South, providing improved wider connectivity with the centre of the town.

These routes involve both permanent and temporary segregated cycle routes, pavement widening, junction improvements to benefit walking and cycling, crossing improvements, lower traffic volumes through residential areas and 20 mph speed limits to make streets safer for walking and cycling. The scheme also proposes a ‘School Streets approach’ so that only those walking and cycling are able to access the streets outside of schools at the start and finishing times of the school day. The double mini-roundabout at the junction of Courtauld Road and Coggeshall Road will be converted to a ‘Dutch-style’ roundabout. The improvements in Station Approach are tied to other improvements the Council is making for bus operation in the area around the train station.


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