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Local Access Forum Members


The following people are serving as members on the Essex Local Access Forum:

Katherine Evans, Chair 

Growing up in London, my family did not have a car until I was in my teens, so walking as a means of transport and for pleasure was what we did. At university, the rambling club provided a great escape into the Derbyshire Dales and some great friendships. I am now an active member of the Essex Area of the Ramblers Association. It is so sad to see it becoming difficult to go for a walk due to the budgetary pressures that are leading to overgrown paths, a lack of waymarking - even a lack of fingerposts, and of bridges in need of repair. I would love to see stiles being replaced by gates - or nothing if there are no animals around - so that the countryside becomes more accessible for young and old alike.

My husband introduced me to sailing and for many years walking took second place to sailing the Essex Coast and rivers. My sailing days are behind me now, but I try and keep an eye on coastal matters.  

I am a Parish Councillor and a member of the Parish Council Planning Committee. The building of housing over green field sites is a challenge but it can provide an opportunity to adapt our ancient network of public paths to today's needs. Outdoor activities from walking the dog to team sports have been shown to provide health benefits and should be accessible to all without having to drive several miles in cars. 

Ray Booty, Vice Chair

My name is Ray Booty and I live in a rural community near Ongar.  I am a retired Business Continuity Consultant and whilst working dealt with Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery and Risk Management. I now spend time dealing with rights of way issues through my positions as Essex Rep for GLASS (the Green Lane Association) and Rights of Way Officer for the Essex Land Rover Club.  I am a Land Rover enthusiast but also enjoy walking and motorcycling.

I joined the Essex LAF to help work towards better access to our rights of way for all users, to help protect our rights of way network and to promote sensible and sustainable use of byways by motorised users.

Jan Arthur

I am Janet Arthur. I’m a retired Teacher, having been a head of a very busy department in a sixth form college. I live in a small town in the east of Essex. I became a horse rider later in life and on retirement I bought a horse. I enjoy riding out in the Essex Countryside and have enjoyed discovering this lovely county, which I did not know very well before, often riding in areas that are inaccessible except through using public rights of ways.

I have since become involved in bridleways issues and am on the committee of the Essex Bridleways Association. This has brought home to me the need to protect and develop our PRoWs for the future, especially as the road network has become so dangerous for many non-vehicular road users. Belonging to the ELAF is one way that I can contribute to doing that, especially by promoting multi-user networks enabling access by many PRoW users.

Ed Dixon

My name is Ed Dixon and I live in Billericay, which is set in countryside despite being in the Borough of Basildon.  I have always enjoyed walking, mainly in Essex and Suffolk, and have tried to continue this where pssible despite an injury in 2003 which also resulted in my retirement from the Electronics industry.  This has however given me an interest in disabled access to the countryside.

I am a member of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) which complements Essex LAF in arguing for the benefits of rural access for health and wellbeing.

Louise Fuller

As a keen horse-rider and walker I am acutely aware of the value and importance of our Public Rights of Way, and I am a great believer in the physical and mental benefits to be gained from being out in the countryside. Our PROW are crucial in enabling this access. PRoW are under increasing threat from many different directions, including housing and other developments, but planning for new developments could be a great opportunity to expand the PRoW network rather than erase it. Finance for capital works and maintenance of PRoW is constantly being squeezed; on the Essex LAF we can help to raise the profile of PRoW and try and mitigate the effects of reducing budgets.

My working life has been in local government in Essex at county, district and town council levels, and I still work for a small parish council, which is helpful in understanding how councils operate in respect of PRoW issues.

John Victory

I am Dr John L Victory, a Chartered Engineer living in Billericay.  I have always been interested in outdoor pursuits including mountaineering, rock climbing, cycling and various water sports.

Since retiring from the automotive industry I have had time available for volunteering and I want to help local people in Essex by promoting the public rights of way network for the benefits to leisure pursuits and improvement to the health of future generations.

Sue Dobson

I live in a rural part of Chelmsford and am a keen horse rider and dog walker around my local area. My initial career in chemicals export in the paint industry was followed by having a family and taking on the role of Parish Clerk in my local parish, a post which I held for some 14 years.  

I became very involved in planning matters, developing an interest in planning policy and quarry restorations during the time in that role and I now use that knowledge and experience for the benefit of both Essex Bridleways Association and the British Horse Society, and to contribute to the Local Access Forum. I have ridden since a small child but had to wait until the grand age of 30 until I acquired my first horse, and I have been enjoying hacking out and pleasure rides ever since (not on the same horse!).  

I believe passionately that with the increasing development in the south-east of England that a legacy of a network of off-road tracks should be created for the enjoyment of future generations of walkers, cyclists, horse riders and the disabled, and those already in existence preserved and enhanced wherever possible.   

Vernon Glashier

I am Vernon Glashier. I am now retired after working in the oil industry for 35 years. I live near Dunmow and have been an Essex resident for most of my life.

Motorcycling has been my main passion for a very long time. My predominant pastime in the last six years has been exploring the network of unsealed roads in England and Wales by motorcycle. I am a Rights of Road officer for the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF). 

I also enjoy walking, much of it on local footpaths and bridleways in Essex (although I have a special regard for walking in the Lake District) and cycling for pleasure on minor roads.

I joined the Essex Local Access Forum because I want to see the Public Rights of Way in this country remain open for all to use and enjoy. I would like to see more people aware of our PROW and the benefit, sensible and sustainable usage, can bring. My specific contribution to the Forum is in Two Wheeled vehicular use and some of the problems associated with it.

Gary McCarthy

I am a recently retired aviation safety regulator, a role that required diplomacy and an understanding of the concerns and interests of others. As a keen walker and off road motorcyclist I value my access to the countryside and seek to protect it. 

Martyn Towns

I was born into a farming family so the countryside has always been a part of my life. I chose a different career path, going into the contruction industry where I worked for a national contractor based in London. The experience of working in a congested environment helped me appreciate the recreational benefits of the countryside. 

As a member of Chignal Parish Council and Vice Chairman of the Village Hall Committee I am also actively involved in the local community.

I enjoy walking the network of Public Rights of Way and am keen to encourage others to take advantage of these valuable assets. We must ensure that they are maintained, improved and used for furture generations.  


Jake Richards - Profile to come

Malcolm Lees - Profile to come

Rowena McCaulay - Profile to come


Sandra Reynolds

After working in the global telecommunications industry for around 30 years I now spend my time working as a volunteer for Sustrans on the National Cycle Network, conserving and maintaining the Flitch Way and Blackwater Rail Trails and establishing a new multi-user path across Great Dunmow with the Flitch Way Action Group.  I live near Braintree and love exploring the surrounding countryside paths and lanes on foot and by bike.

My volunteering work has led me to become involved with planning applications, land conservation and an appreciation of the importance of safe off-road paths.  I want to help the people of Essex discover and safely enjoy the many wonderful green spaces and countryside we have in our county.


We are looking for new members to join Essex Local Access Forum. If you would like to know more then please contact the secretary at

The Local Access Forum for Essex covers the whole of Essex excluding the unitary authorities of Southend and Thurrock



 9th February 2021

11th May 2021 

10th August 2021

9th November 2021

The meeting will take place virtually. If you would like to attend please email to recieve a link to the meeting.   

We are looking for new members to join Essex Local Access Forum. If you would like to know more then please contact the secretary at